Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The End of My Year

I can't believe it was a year go, that first blogged as as State Council Representative and then BAM!!! -  The year is gone!!!   I had a awesome time being on the State Council team and with our advisers !!!  4-H State council is my most favorite thing I ever DONE !!!!!. I would recommend the experience to everyone involved in 4-H!

People ask me why I'm in 4-H . . . after this year I think I finally he the answer.  Friendships, experiences and learning.  Each person's experience in 4-H is different because 4-H is what you make of it.  4-H provides the opportunities to learn, make new friends and have AMAZING experiences - you just have to be willing to take the steps to make it happen!

I've made LOTS of friends of all ages from all over PA and other states too.  I participated in activities at my county, regional, state and national level.  I've learned so much in 4-H in general and over the last year, that I'm starting to feel ready for the world. . 

I had a blast talking and see all my friends over PA at state days. also getting to see the NEW STATE COUNCIL MEMBER and Good lucky guys make the MOST of it 

4-H makes you a Superhero !!!!!!!!!

H. Wyett Johnson
2013-2014 PA State Council Representative