Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The End of My Year

I can't believe it was a year go, that first blogged as as State Council Representative and then BAM!!! -  The year is gone!!!   I had a awesome time being on the State Council team and with our advisers !!!  4-H State council is my most favorite thing I ever DONE !!!!!. I would recommend the experience to everyone involved in 4-H!

People ask me why I'm in 4-H . . . after this year I think I finally he the answer.  Friendships, experiences and learning.  Each person's experience in 4-H is different because 4-H is what you make of it.  4-H provides the opportunities to learn, make new friends and have AMAZING experiences - you just have to be willing to take the steps to make it happen!

I've made LOTS of friends of all ages from all over PA and other states too.  I participated in activities at my county, regional, state and national level.  I've learned so much in 4-H in general and over the last year, that I'm starting to feel ready for the world. . 

I had a blast talking and see all my friends over PA at state days. also getting to see the NEW STATE COUNCIL MEMBER and Good lucky guys make the MOST of it 

4-H makes you a Superhero !!!!!!!!!

H. Wyett Johnson
2013-2014 PA State Council Representative

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

4-H and State Council

Well I guess my 4-H and State Council is almost coming to an end. About nine years ago I joined the Pioneer Valley 4-H Club where my sister was in before I joined. When I first joined 4-H I know that for my projects I wanted to do cooking to start and each year I would do a new project. The project I did when I was in Pioneer Valley was cooking, basketry, leathering, babysitting, market lambs, market goats, market swine, and toastmaster. I was also in other club that was County Council where it was open to the County and we would meet once a year at the Extension Office, Hoopla's, and Bowling. I was really sad when my last year showing animals at the Lycoming County fair came to an end. At the Livestock auction I got a 4-H Scholarship for $1200. I will miss all my friends that I have showed with and that I been hanging out every year at the fair. I did cry at the livestock auction after selling my last animal because I knew it was over for me. Through out my 4-H life I have made a lot of friends with other 4-H teens and also adults and they have all been supported towards me when they knew I wanted to either go in the Military or when I wanted to get on the State Council. 4-H did change my life because without 4-H I wouldn't get all this great opportunity or experience that I am or did get. About a year ago I attend State Achievement Days. The first night I was up on the stage doing a one minute about my self and answering a fish bowl question and my question "If I could add a 5th H into the 4-H program what would it be"? and I said Happy! Then the next day I had to do a 10 minute power point presentation about How has 4-H changed my life? That night I got a called saying the I got on the State Council and I was so happy that I got on. My advisor Mya told me that I would be the reporter and I was glad to become that because I knew that I was good at doing that. In August our State Council year began to State Council Training, Farm Show, State Leadership Conference, Capitol Days, and now State Achievement Days. I will miss being on the State Council and friends that I have made from being on the State Council. I will miss all the good times we have from being on State Council even though we had some ups and downs but we all knew that we can do it and we did do it! I will miss every one the State Council Team including Mya and Jared! Thanks for all the love and support I had throughout my 4-H life and State Council year!:)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

It's Fair Time!

Well it's that time of year again can't beleive it has been one whole year. It's fair time once again for most people its a chance to get outta the house and have a little fun but for everyone in 4-H and FFA its that time of year to show off our hard work and see how it pays off in the end. They say farming is a gamble and that is very true. Pa fairs are part of two of the biggest industries in Pennsylvania agriculture and tourism. Pa fairs help people get connected to the agriculture industry since most people have been removed from farms by three generations and help educate the puplic on the industry. Fairs to me means a lot I have been apart of our county fair since birth it has been a major part of my 4-H career it made me want to push for more with in 4-H and since my school did not offer FFA I have only till I am 18 tk make the most of it and that is what I am doing. This year is our fairs 30th year at our current location in summit station Pennsylvania. I always get excited about fair each year for many reasons I get to show my animals and tractors off to the oublic for everyone to see. Another reason is because of the many friendships that have came out of being apart of our big fair family. Also it means truck and tractor pulls through out the week. The Schuylkill County Fair Association has been a major influence on this love of our fair from the time I was little going to fair meetings and now sitting on the fair board as a junior fair board member we are one big family. as I said be for about showing our 4-H and FFA project to the community to show what agriculture is all about.
Brendin Freeman

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What's Next?

Where do I begin with an experience like this. Council has been everything I hoped it would be and more. From training, to SLC, and my very first every Capital Days it was surreal. I learned more about myself, parliamentary procedure, and the 4-H program than I could have ever dreamed of.  But the real question is what's next.

What door will open next? The most logical opportunity is college. As an incoming high school senior, where I'm going to go to college has to be a priority.  Thanks to SLC my college path is clear to me now. Agricultural communications at either Penn State or Ohio State (please save your comments for the birds). After many times of answering “I don’t know” or “It’s agricultural related”, I can finally say where I want to go to college.

That's not the only thing council has helped me with.  I now say what I want when I want whether it be good or bad.  Mostly it’s good! I'm open to talk to anyone about anything.  I never realized how small the world was until I traveled and explored it a little.  The saying never burn a bridge is SO SO true. With my council experience I can now say I'm ready to tackle anything life throws at me.  

This wouldn't be complete without saying thank you to a few people.  Thank you to Mom and Dad for supporting me through this year and putting up with me crazy schedule. Thanks to my brother for picking up my slack at home.  Gram, always being there for the last minute things I needed. Pap, for feeding so many times when I wasn't around.  Judy, Wayne and the boys thanks for always putting me in a good mood when I was stressed.  Thank you family!

Thanks to an amazing advisor for believing in me even when I didn't at times.  Thanks Jared for always giving that extra guidance to the team. Dwayne for helping me anytime I needed during the year.   Council alums, thanks for inspiring me to be part of the family. The most important my council team! Thank you for everything! I don’t know what I would do without each and everyone of you. We made this year rock.

If you're reading this and you have any doubt about running for council, JUST DO IT!

See ya down the road,

Megan Anderson

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Play It Again

Hey PA 4-H!!!!
So apparently at the end of this month we have to take off our jackets and hand over our offices!?!?! No one told me this!!! So I have a question; can we just repeat this year? This year was truly one of the best years of my life and I just want it to keep going!!! And because of this, I decided to make a list of the top 5 reasons why I love state council.
1. The bonds you make with your fellow council members.
2. Our amazing adviser :)
3. Being able to meet members from all around the state, is such an amazing experience.
4. Planning the conferences was AWESOME!!!
5. Meeting people from all around the state that are involved in Agriculture in so many ways, and hearing their stories.

I hope you all have enjoyed reading all of our blogs this year, and are thinking about running for state council!!

Signing off,
Lydia Lion
PA 4-H State Council Secretary

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It's July? I thought it was still June!

June was so busy - I didn't even realize it was OVER!
My eleventh grade year finished on the 6th - I even passed Spanish!  Hard to believe I'll be a senior in the fall - and in a year I'll be graduated!
The first week of June was filled with club meetings and volunteering at the truck show with Perry County County Council.  Then it was off to State College for a State Council meeting.  From there I was part of the group to travel to Kentucky, to be part of the Kentucky 4-H State Teen Conference.  It was amazing! I met so many new people and made some wonderful new friends.  It was an experience I won't forget!
Once I got home, it was time try to squeeze everything into my schedule.  Working, meetings, and making hay had to fit in with chores, errands and getting ready for 4-H resident camp at Camp Shehaqua.
I have a feeling the July is going to fly by too - but I wish it were longer or would go slower.
Gotta get back to the campers!

Until next month,
H Wyett Johnson
State Council Representative

It's just goodnight and not goodbye

Well Pennsylvania 4-H the 2013-2014 council is down to its last month :(. Let me just say this has been the best year of my life and it is all because of every single PA 4-H member and my council team. During this year I have met tons of new people, tried many new things, and even traveled to new places. There are too many memories to list however the one I will never forget is state achievement days last year getting up on stage in front of all of you and giving my one minute speech to introduce myself! That was one of the most challenging but rewarding things of my life. Before I am relieved of my duties on council I want you all to know that no matter what you want to do in you life and no matter what you are currently doing in your life just stick with 4-H it will lead you in the right direction. Don't be afraid to try new things, go to a state event, join a new club, maybe even run run for council! Be for I end my last blog on council I just want to thank you all so much again for making this THE GREATEST year of my life. Until I see you all again remember "it's just goodnight and not goodbye."

Monday, June 30, 2014

I got that summertime, summertime excitedness!

Hello Pennsylvania 4-H!

So the first thing I did the day after school was out (June 7) was that I had a State Council meeting! We all met in State College and had our meeting. Then several of us stayed the night so that we could get an early start to an amazing trip, our trip to Kentucky! We left EARLY in the morning and had roughly an 8 hour van ride to get there. From the moment I got out of the van in Kentucky and was greeted by the Kentucky State Council Officers I knew that I was going to have a great time in Kentucky!

When we got there, there was much to do to prepare for the 690 Kentucky 4-Hers that would be coming the next day. The PA State Council was also able to sit in on one of the Kentucky meetings. The next day was a blur of the many happy, excited faces of the people that I had to opportunity to meet.

If I had to compare the Kentucky 4-H State Teen Conference to an of our Pennsylvania State Events, I would compare it to State Leadership Conference. Throughout the Conference we had many workshops about anything from cooking to tying a tie to making leather belts! But it was also like State Days in that state awards were presented and the state council officer selections took place. I really liked getting to see how their officer selection and awards program differed from Pennsylvania's. All in all the entire conference was an amazing experience with lots of new faces and experiences that I will truly miss!

The next awesome thing that I did was the Southwest Regional 4-H camp. For those of you who know me, you would know that 4-H camp is one of my favorite 4-H events! Even since I was a camper, I always loved going to all the activities that they have at camp, such as recreation, nature, and crafts. But my favorite part is singing camp songs at the top of my lungs! That was always my favorite part as a camper too because for once, I didn't have to be quiet (not being quiet might or might not have gotten me in trouble a time or two in school)! As a counselor it is a great experience being able to meet and get to know all the campers. Camp as a whole is an amazing 4-H opportunity! So if you're 7-12 you can be a camper and if you're 14-18 you can apply to be a counselor! You have to go at least once, in my opinion.

So from Kentucky to good old 4-H camp in Pennsylvania, 4-H kicked my summer off with a bang! I can't wait to see all of you at the end of July at State Achievement Days!

See you then!

Jesse Isenberg 
2013/2014 Pennsylvania State 4-H CouncilVice President of Operations

I Promise I Didn't Sit At Home ALL Month...

Hey 4-Hers, HOW DO YOU FEEL!
We feel good, oh we feel so good uh! We feel fine, all of the time uh ahhhhh....

I guess I'm kind of still in camp mode.  After two 4-H camps in a row with only 3 days in between, you can imagine how much fun I had, not to mention how badly I lost my voice. I guess screaming camp songs for 3 hours in a bus isn't the best thing you can do for your vocal cords. Who knew?
Proof that I wasn't making the whole thing up

I attended 4-H Dairy and Livestock Camp as an adult volunteer rather than a counselor, but that doesn't mean I really acted like an adult.  And yes, you read that right, I went to a camp for those crazy animal people!  I just told those kids that the only thing I knew about livestock is that it's tasty, which in my eyes basically made me an expert.  I learned a lot of interesting things, and some misguided farmer actually let me clip his steer and walk one around.  Props to the people who show those animals, it's a lot harder than it looks to move those stubborn animals around and keep yourself from accidentally beating it with the stick thingy.  We also took a tour of a butcher's shop, where I learned in full detail exactly how an animal is prepared from beginning to end. (Now I'm imagining what my college friends were doing during this time, probably working or hanging out with friends at the mall or getting food.  I'm not sure if some of them could've handled it, much less volunteered for it.  Hi friends!)  But they gave us free beef sticks, and I'm all about that free food so I was sold.  Hopefully I'll be able to help out as an adult again next year.

Some of us counselors after the obstacle course and epic Jell-O fight
But my favorite camp will always be traditional 4-H camp where I was a Jr. camp Senior Counselor for my final year.  The theme was "Mystery Machine", so all of the activities were mystery themed in some way. Unfortunately, I had to miss the Council exchange trip to Kentucky in order to go to camp, but I think I made the right choice.  I mean, I got to scare people in the woods wearing a werewolf mask, sing the bluebirdy song at 6 a.m., and take part in an obstacle course that included pools filled with ooblek, oatmeal, and Jell-O, crawling through mud, and going through an enormous slip n slide that I completely wiped out on. I wouldn't miss it for the world!

Preparing for some devious plan including a clump of oatmeal

As you can imagine, I'm the type of counselor who likes to bring a lot of stuff to camp.  And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT.  (Surprisingly though, I really don't bring that many outfits.  Don't worry, I try not to be that girl.)  The stuff I like to bring is things to decorate my cabin and make my girls feel more at home, and since this was my last year, I decided I would go all out.  From rubber band bracelet crafts to obnoxious amounts of candy, streamers to stuffed unicorns, a Swiffer to glow bracelets, and balloons, posters, Christmas lights, coloring books, and bedtime stories in between, you could say I had a ton of fun packing.

Keeping the cabin clean every year is almost impossible.  Let's just say it was so bad one year, the staff members who go around camp taking photos for the memory CD actually took pictures of my messy cabin and put it on the CD because nobody would think it was real.  And of course, things get lost.  I end up with half packs of markers, random suspicious socks that I throw away, and one year, one of my campers mailed me one of my shirts home that she somehow found in her bag.
Senior Counselors 2014

But despite the mess and craziness and lost things, I always end up leaving with more than I bring.  I leave with more friends, more more memories, and more excitement for 4-H than I did when I showed up on the first day.  That is truly the most rewarding part of attending any 4-H camp, and I'll never forget the amazing things I've gained in the past 7 years.

Well, maybe my body can forget to gain the weight from the amazing amounts of food I always seem to eat at camp.  I live for those camp taco salads, but someday it'll catch up with me...

Have a jazzy July, and I hope to see you at State Days!
Sophie Hutchinson, Council Representative

Summertime is Finally Here!

Well obviously summer is greatly upon us now.  Which I may add is my favorite time of year.  Why wouldn't it be? Summertime for me means early mornings and late nights, campfires, livestock shows, and just being outdoors.

Some might wonder why on earth would a teenage girl be up really early during the summer? Summer is for sleeping in right? Wrong!  Not for me I'm up at the crank of dawn in the morning and ready to tackle whatever barn work needs done.  Show livestock just can't feed themselves. Even though I'm up so early doesn't mean I'm a morning person.  BEWARE: I look like a zombie for a good hour when I first wake up. With all these early morning I have seen some of the most beautiful sunrises ever. What do you think?
You can keep your city lights
My favorite color purple

My one of my favorite parts of summer is sitting around the campfire. Some of the best stories I have heard have been a told sitting around a fire. Our council campfire was a blast. I never knew a s'more with a Reese's Cup would be so good! Campfire food is absolutely the bomb! Perfectly golden mountain pies, chewy s'mores, and roasted corn on the cob are just some of my favorites. Mmmmm good!

Most people that know me know how much I love showing livestock.  The PCLA circuit just wrapped up this past weekend. For me it was a very successful circuit. Some class winners, showmanship titles, and I even did good on the skill-a-thon! It felt like just yesterday I was unpacking from the first jackpot show and now here I am getting ready to pack for fair. Time sure flies!
Rango and I at Spring Fling Jackpot Show

For the record I live surrounded by a rectangle of trees. So to say I have spent many days outside enjoying the fresh air is an understatement! Swimming, going for walks, picking berries, riding four wheelers the list could go on and on. For me if you can do something outside it is automatically better.

Have a fantastic summer and remember the sunscreen and bug spray!

Enjoy the hot weather,

Megan Anderson

It's June Already??

Hello Pennsylvania 4-H!

Where has all the time gone?! It's hard to believe that I am officially a high school graduate about to begin the next phase in my life. I feels like yesterday I just started Kindergarten. In the coming days, I am going to be attending my New Student Orientation at Penn State and cannot stress how nervous I am!

Summer has been flying by for me, and while it is flying by it means that my term on council is coming to a close! I can't believe it is almost state days! I wish there was a way to pause time so I could be with my council family just a bit longer! Even though I don't want to give up my spot on council, I can't wait to see what the next council has in store! State Days should be so much fun.

As June is coming to a close and July is about to begin, I hope to see tons of familiar faces at State Days! Have a safe and fun holiday, but be working on fair projects!!

Kaitlin Rogers
Pennsylvania State Council Vice President of Events

Saturday, June 28, 2014

An Ode to 4-H Camp!

“I’m a super 4-Her! Betcha don’t know what I can do. Got 4 leaves and a motto too, got green pride runnin through and through”-the Best Camp Song Ever

Camp 2012
Hey Pennsylvania 4-H!

Bitter-sweet moments are, well, bitter-sweet. I am faced with one of these moments as we speak. On one hand, I am hours away from 4-H Camp! On the other, I know that it will be my last camp as a 4-H member. To someone who loves 4-H Camp as much as I do, the thought of the end can be tough to swallow. I know for a fact that I would not be where I am today if I never went to camp.

Being a first-time camp counselor so closely to attending my first state days is what caused me to fall in love with 4-H. I can clearly recall several pinnacle moments in my 4-H career, and one of those is me standing in the extension office as my county agent and my mom both talked me into being a CIT. Camp is where I first made that connection with my fellow 4-Hers, a connection that would send me down the 4-H path full steam ahead.

Camp 2013
Why do I love camp so much? Camp is a place where every kid can truly be themselves. All of the reputations and peer-influences from school are gone, and you can be yourself in the most wild and pure way. It never gets old watching a camper completely transform from the beginning to the end of camp. I love being a counselor because I get to play a part in making that transition happen.

So now I have a choice. I can let the thought of my last camp linger with me and let it bring me down… or I can hand over the reins proudly, step back, and watch the magic of camp happen one last time. I choose the second one. Now without further ado, its time to go sing songs about Reese’s peanut butter cups, gopher guts, and everything in between.


Till State Days,
Nate Repetz
2013/2014 PA 4-H State Council


June According to Amber

Hello everyone!

June has been a whirlwind of craziness from beginning to end! I have finally graduated! The ceremony took place on Friday, the 13th and, true to form for all unlucky days, it didn't go off perfectly. Rather. it was postponed for a whole hour due to rain. And while we grads were snug and bored inside the the auxiliary gym, our poor parents were stuck in the bleachers, forced to wait out a near torrential rainfall. but we persevered! We waited for the clouds to dry up a little, and processed onto the field in the midst of a refreshing mist/ The rain drizzled for the entire two hour ceremony, and we tried our best to keep our diplomas dry for the duration. Luckily, the rain stopped just in time for our families to come down to the field with us for pictures and hugs! After graduation I had a few days of work, work, work before I attended my college orientation at Shippensburg University!

Orientation was a blast! I learned some cool new mixers that my camp-oriented brain immediately latched onto, and I made a few friends in my major! My official major is English/Secondary Certification with a minor in German. I scheduled my first semester's worth of classes and thanks to a little finagling I don't have a single class until 11;00. Any day of the week! I am super excited I managed to avoid the dreaded 8:00 o'clock lecture, and I'm super stoked to start classes on August 25th!

After orientation it was more work, work, work!  I'm saving up to buy myself my very own car this summer! I have my eye on the perfect one! Its a  '94 Grand Cherokee. I saw it one day as I was driving home, and I fell in love! Hopefully by the end of july it will be mine! (I'll keep you posted.)

Tomorrow I leave for Summer Camp! This is my favorite time of the 4-H year, for obvious, camp-related reasons. This Yer's theme is Secret Agent, which means exciting things for our campers! Here's hoping everything goes well! See you in July!

Amber J Pound
Council Historian

Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's Summer Time!!!!

Hello Pennsylvania 4-H,

I cannot believe it is summer. The kick off to summer was my amazing trip to Kentucky with my council!!! We attended from June 8th though the 12th. The event we attended was Kentucky 4-H State Teen Conference. We were able to learn all about how 4-h in Kentucky runs and meet the people who makes it happen. June 12th also happened to be the day I graduated from high school. I hopped on a plane home from Kentucky and got back just in time(the night before) to walk at graduation!!! Now being fully graduated from high school the next step is to turn 18! On July 5th I finally get to do all those crazy things eighteen year olds can do like drive past 11! WooHoo! Have a great summer Pennsylvania 4-H!

Forever 4-H,
Alexandra Adams
2013-2014 Pennsylvania State 4-H Council Vice President of Internal Affairs 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Hey everybody this your State Council Report again! June was an important month for me because I had graduation, Kentucky trip with the State Council Team, and I start my college summer classes!
When graduation day came let me say I was so excited to graduate high school. Although I will say that I am going to miss my friends and the really awesome teachers I had that help me get to graduation with their wonderful support. It wasn't an easy senior year that's for sure, but I knew I could make it to graduation and I did!
A couple days after graduation I left to go to Kentucky with some of my State Council team. I had a blast in Kentucky. The State Council went to Kentucky for the Kentucky 4-H State Teen Conference and that was a fun seeing house the Kentucky 4-H does there Conference. The State Teen Conference was different then our State Leadership Conference. They had two days for workshops and tracks, they had a opening dance on the first night and then they had a closing dance which was their 4-H ball, and they had a fashion revue. The first night that we in Kentucky we met up with the State Council team and the State Officer and all had great time by getting to knew each other. I really liked the workshops and the track I was in. I took a "Don't Stress" track it helped me a lot because if I am every stress then I know how I can deal with it. For my first workshop I took a "Chocolate" where I got to take all different kinds of chocolate and what they are called and the ingredient they use to make it. I also got to make my own fudge in that workshop and it was awesome. For my second workshop I took "Launching Your Further" where I got knew all the financial  for college and like what the different is between credit and debit. It was a good workshop for me to go to. One night Kentucky had a night out where all the district got to out in town or go swimming. Well our State Council when to a place called "Malibu Jack" where they had Go-Cart racing, Miniature Golf , and arcade and that was a lot of fun. Throughout my time in Kentucky I have made a lot of new friends that I hope to keep in touch with. I would have to say that I had a fun time in Kentucky and I hope to go visit again.
I know June is still not over but I wanted to talk about that I get to start summer college classes and I am really excited and scared at the same time. I am really excited that I get to make new friends and hopefully taking classes with the friends that I will be making.

Your Reporter
Divya Reitz

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

An Ending... or a New Beginning?

Hello PA 4-H!!

As many of you are well aware (Some very annoyed, I'm sure) Graduation, end of the season banquets and SUMMER are all right around the very bendy, twisty, never ending corner. Am I right? Well going into all of these "last ever" experiences, I'm not sure how to feel. Am I happy because the last thirteen years of school are over? Do I feel sad because a chapter in my life is closing? Or do I just feel extremely stressed because everything is happening so fast I can't manage to get my head around it? Unfortunately, I seem to have chosen the latter. The senior activities, the last few days of track practice, the graduation parties, the college new student orientation, and the dreaded graduation day are driving me crazy. Most days I come home from school and sleep for hours before finally going to bed at night. And on top of all the stress, my mother wants me to get a job, like seriously mom?!

Like the stress from graduation isn't bad enough, the stress from finishing out my last high school track season was plenty. I pole vault for my high school, which is quite unique, so unique that we couldn't find a coach, so there I am, a student athlete, coaching three freshman how to fling their bodies in the air without dying. I gave up my time to teach them what they needed to know to succeed, but was it worth it? The feeling they had when achieving at the sport was amazing, but because I constantly put them first, I only finished third in the league, 6 inches off of my high school record. It was a crazy season, being responsible for everyone else, filling out paper work, making sure everyone had a pole, getting them to weigh-ins, creating practices, and workout schedules. I look back now thinking, how in the world did I do that! I guess one would say that was the moment I realized I was ready for the "real world".

I'm nervous for college, to start a new job (my first job ever!!!), and to become the new pole vaulting coach at my high school. I keep telling myself you won't die, college isn't going to be the end of you and you will not drop out after one semester. Some how I'll get through it all, and although excepting that fact that I am "growing up" was difficult, it helped take some of the constant stress off. In the end, I've decided that it isn't an ending at all, it is a new beginning. Which then gets a person to thinking, is anything ever an ending, or is it all just a new beginning? I just blew everyone's minds I know, crazy right?? It's my new found adult knowledge (or that is what I'm going to tell myself). Now that I have found my "new" self, I'm ready for graduation, ready to meet this "new beginning" in the eye so it knows not to mess with me. I can't wait to see what the summer and this job situation brings! I'll update you on my new adult journey!!

Farewell old me, Hello new improved adult Kaitlin!!

Have a great June Everyone! Congrats Grads!

Kaitlin Rogers
2013-2014 PA4-HSC Vice President of Events

Monday, June 2, 2014

Living in Fast-Forward

“The body’s a temple, that’s what were taught, but I’ve treated this one like an old honky tonk…. Cause I been living in fast-forward, hillbilly rock star out of control. I’ve been living in fast-forward, now I need to rewind real slow” –Kenny Chesney

 What’s up 4-H!? It’s not often that I blog about my past month, but I’ve been so many awesome experiences that I can’t help but share it with you. So without further ado, here we go!
For me, May started in the Penn State Altoona library. Literally. At midnight, I was in the library working on my final research paper for my English class, which just happened to be the last of 4 papers I had to write that week. The last week of classes were a lot more stressful for me then finals week itself, but thanks to my almost permanent residence in the library, I made it through. I passed my two finals the next week, and on May 8th I was officially moved back home and on summer break!

Here is where the story starts to get hectic. The very next day, Friday the 9th, I took my friend Ali to her senior prom. It was great to see all of my friends again and a great chance to relax after two hard weeks of academia. However I wasn’t able to stay out to late with them, as I had to be up at 7 the next morning for an all-day State Council meeting. A lot of good things came out of that meeting, and
ow I can’t wait for everyone to experience the State Days we have planned out! (Even if I have to hang up my blazer afterwards)

I got to enjoy a nice mother’s day with my family, but I also had to pack a suitcase. Early the next morning, I boarded a flight to Colorado, where I spent the next 8 days traveling around the state with members of the Penn State Teach Ag! Society. We visited agriculture education programs, networked with ag professionals, and still managed to take time to be tourists and relax. Being at a branch campus, I enjoyed the chance to interact with others in my major and get a first-hand look at classroom teaching. It renewed my belief that I have chosen the right career path for myself. I can’t wait to teach ag!

After the trip was over, I got home at 3:30 in the morning and was up to start my first day of work at 9a.m. This summer I am working as a grounds keeper/laborer for a local man with a small hobby farm. It means 40 hour weeks of manual labor, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I have been putting in shift work ever since, looking forward to our next State Council event. Remember when Rachel and Cody from Kentucky’s State Council came to visit us at SLC? Well in less than a week, we will be on the road to Kentucky to visit Kentucky 4-H at their State Days!

Sometimes I do feel worn out and tired by all of this traveling, but with so many awesome things to do and look forward to it is definitely all worth it. It won’t be long before I have to hang up my blazer and subsequently age out of 4-H, so I intend to make the most of these last 2 months… living in fast forward!

“Yeah I need to rewind real slow……. But I’ve still got some miles to go”!!!!

Nate Repetz
2013/2014 PA 4-H State Council


So, where did this year go? I'm honestly not sure. At the beginning of the year, I was apprehensive about this new family that I was suddenly a member of. And now I honestly cannot imagine my life without these 11 Ah-MAZING people!!!!
I can't believe everything is coming to an end so quickly. High School Graduation is next week, and State Achievement days is in just under 2 MONTHS!!! I just can't believe it!!! I'm so grateful to have this amazing group of people who I can call my Council Family.
If you are thinking about being on council and are not sure, I have three words for you; JUST DO IT!!! You honestly will not regret it. My council family, is always there for me with a kind word and a joke when I need them. I love these guys, and they have made this year so special, I don't know what I'm going to do without them...
BRB gonna go cry :'(
Signing off,

Lydia Lion

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Destination: GRADUATION!



As May comes to a close I would just like to take this moment to offer my congratulations to everyone who will graduate in the next two weeks! We survived Senior-itis, and the Junior Juncture,  We made it through the Sophomore Slump and the Freshman Freak-out . We survived Middle School and Elementary School and we fondly remember the halcyon days of Kindergarten.
We've survived the K-12 and now we're on to bigger and better pursuits! Whether that be a College, a Technical School or straight into the workforce, I wish you the best of luck! 

May is always a crazy month between AP testing in the beginning and yearbooks and Color Day towards the end. I actually don't know how many schools host a Color Day, but ours is pretty epic.

Color Day is this contest between the classes that my school runs every year. You wear your class colors and your class t-shirt, and then there's a contest for best decorated car as well. People get really into the car contest, but since I'm not allowed to drive to school (unfortunately) I don't get to participate in that. Anyways the first half of the day is a lot like a field day, different clubs sell stuff, Phantom Shadow brings in blow up stuff, there are games and you can just sorta roam the school. Its the best part of Color Day. And then ts off to the gym for the AFS Talent Show, which is run by the American Field Services advisor and Herr Unruh, my favorite German teacher. They showcase the foreign exchange students by asking them silly questions like, what's your favorite thing about America? To which the Austrian student from last year replied "the girls". The entire auditorium lost it. Our school has never before been treated to such hilarity. Anyhow, after the talent show its down to the gym for The Games! 

The Games are where the real competition kicks in. Each class creates their own game for 12 - 15 players, (usually a relay of some sort) and they send 12-15 players to represent the class and hopefully shame the losing classes. There's one winner per game, and at the end whoever has the most points wins! In case of a tie (which happened last year) its a sudden death tug-of-war. My class, the Class of 2014, has won the last two years, and this year we're pulling for a three-peat! Here's to hoping for another win and a successful color day!

I personally both love and hate color day this year though. On the one hand, FIELD DAY! but on the other, THE SCHOOL YEAR IS ENDING, HIGH SCHOOL IS ENDING, MY FRIENDS ARE LEAVING THE STATE. Oh GOD WHAT DO I DO? So, there's that. I feel like this is kind of an emotional run-up to State Days, because its fun event with a lot of emotions tied into it. Oh gosh, lets hope I can prepare myself. 

So here's to you Class of 2014, Don't panic. This is just the beginning.

Amber J Pound
Council Historian

coming get to an end :(

This has been a very eye opening month! With high school coming to an end soon and my council term coming to an end it's all overwhelming. I haven't realized how much council has impacted me until we were at our meeting and started going over state days scripts and filming our farewell videos. I sat there and thought how much 4-H as a whole has molded me into a great human being with so many important qualities. To anyone thinking about applying for council I challenge you to take the next step and seriously do it! Just go for it, yes its time consuming and takes hard work but in the end it is the most amazing feeling in the world. It's truly amazing how close you and your council team and the advisor's become it is a bond as strong as a family bond! I only have about a month and a little over a half left of my council term and I am going to make the most of it and when it comes to an end I know it will be a sad time but it will also very rewarding.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

[insert awesome council member's name here]

Hello all my lovely 4-H friends!
May was a great month, wasn't it? Of course, I'm a little biased because it was my birthday month! But in a weird way, it's hard to accept that I'm finally 19.  There's no more getting away with that "4-H age" stuff once January comes along, I can't cheat this time. This is really it.  I don't like to think about it because technically I still have until the end of December to be in 4-H, but now that I'm 19 and summer has come along, I can't help but think about how many "lasts" I have crammed into the next 3 months: last year as a 4-H camp counselor, last year as a 4-H entry in the fair, and last Achievement Days/last day as a member of State Council.  Because after all that, I don't have much left to do in my 4-H career.
Wow. I guess I'm realizing my own 4-H mortality.
(That's the best way I could think to describe it. Don't judge.)
So, being 19 and realizing my days as a traditional 4-Her are numbered, I'm doing what anyone would do when they realize their own 4-H mortality, and I've been frantically trying to think of ways to stay in 4-H!! Can I be a leader in my club?? Will I ever be able to be staff at a state event?? Will people remember me??
Will people remember me? I think that's one of the most common questions anyone in my position has asked or will ask in the future.  Especially State Council members.  
In my experience, I've heard many reasons why 4-Hers join Council.  We want to be leaders, we want to make the most of our 4-H experience, it's our last year in 4-H, etc. But one reason that I think comes subconsciously is that we all want to be remembered in some way.  We know that we can't stay in 4-H forever, and many of us will never have the ability to be club leaders or become Extension educators or any part of the Penn State staff.   Especially if you're a shy person like me, it's easy to feel that you haven't made a difference.  So what better way to be remembered than to wear a fancy green jacket and promote this great organization in our state for an entire year?
But the thing is, not everybody can be remembered. It's impossible. And if anyone random out there can name every single person who has ever been on council from memory, that's seriously weird.  
Usually, when referring to a council, people don't say "the 2011 council" or "the 2008 council". They say "[insert awesome council member's name here]'s council".  And there are a few awesome council members who get their name in that slot very often. Others, not so much. Maybe I haven't done as much as some of my predecessors, and I don't deserve to have my name in that space.  But I hope that at least a few people will look back at what we did this year and say, "Oh yeah, that was Sophie's council!" 
Have a jubilant June! 
Sophie Hutchinson, Council Representative

State Achievement Days

Greetings once again Pennsylvania 4-H! 

Just a few days ago I found myself surprised that my junior year is almost over! As of next Friday I will have completed another year of school. I started thinking about how a few years ago I used to look at the "big" juniors and seniors and wonder what it must be like to be them and here I am now, one of them, and I don't feel any different than that significantly shorter version of me did a few years ago. I'm older and bigger, but I don't feel like I am. It's an interesting phenomenon that I'm thinking I'll keep feeling especially as I get older. I guess I'll have to wait and see if I actually ever feel older!

With the end of the school year means the beginning of summer and with the beginning of summer means that the 4-H State Achievement Days are coming up! This is a calling to all PA 4-H members 13-18 saying that I want you to attend the 4-H State Achievement Days! 

So for those of you who don't know or haven't heard about achievement days, it is an educational three-day program for the demonstration and recognition of the achievements of 4-H members in competitive and noncompetitive events. It is held every year at the Penn State University Park campus. This year the event will go from July 28th-30th. 

The majority of the people who attend enter into the competitive tract. There are many competitions from air pistol to canine super bowl to presentations. There is even tractor driving! There are a lot more I didn't talk about too! So make sure you talk to your extension educator about all competitions! For those of you who don't want to compete but still want to go to state days, there are noncompetitive tracts that you can do instead. In the past there has been the science symposium, noncompetitive questing, and a few other events too! I'm not sure which of these will be available this year, but, again, if you want to know more, ask your extension educator.

I myself have gone to state days every year except one since I was 13. I was in noncompetitive chorus one year (that event isn't available any more), the noncompetitive science symposium, and the presentation competition. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself every year and highly recommend the event to all 4-H members that are old enough. I always look forward to going back to state days, seeing friends from the years before, and making new ones as well! Last year was when I met the majority of the other people that I was to be on state council with! Let me tell you, I'm sure glad that I did meet them and that meeting them has made the past year so much more amazing and fun. 

So once again I want to see you all at the 4-H State Achievement Days going from July 28th to 30th!

See you then! 

Jesse Isenberg
2013/2014 Pennsylvania State 4-H Council
Vice President of Operations

You Live and You Learn!

Everyday it seems like something new can be learned.  My pap is, well you get how old, and still learns something new each day he says.  As this school year comes to a close I've been writing in a lot of yearbooks and reflecting back on the year.  As I think back there is some much I have learned and I'm not just talking about the math, biology, and chemistry I was forced to learn.

Here is my top eleven things I learned this year!

  1. Double check and even triple check ones work.  Especially when it involves technology!
  2. Every leadership opportunity doesn't always need to be taken.  You may just need a break.
  3. Cramming for a big test doesn't work even when you think it does. Your test score will show it.
  4. Helping someone is a great thing but you can't babysit them as they try and accomplish something.
  5. It's true! You find out who your friends are in life the older you get.
  6. Don't wish for something to be over because when it's over you will want it back.
  7. The harder you work the more luck you seem to have.
  8. Don't judge someone by what someone else thinks of them.  Everyone has their own opinions for a reason.
  9. Ask for help on something. Experts didn't become experts by guessing their way through things.
  10. Get ready for things the night before. Don't set your alarm earlier because we already know morning people are few and far between.
  11. Live in the moment! Don't think about what is going to happen next. Focus on the now!

There are my big life lessens from completing my junior year in high school.  Senior year here I come!

Happy learning,

Megan Anderson

Friday, May 30, 2014

Good bye May 2014! Hello SUMMER!!

May sped by and I'm still wondering where it went but when I stop to think about what I did this month I start to see why it seems like such a blur.  
For school, May is the month to get it all done!  Reports, projects and finals all with deadlines that can't be postponed or ignored.  The End Of Year Family and School Picnic for my school was at Hershey Park. I chatted with all my teachers, had great food and rode the coasters - good times!
Wrestling Off-Season has been an experience I won't soon forget.  Memorial Day weekend I went to Virginia Beach for a tournament.  When we weren't on the mat, we went to the ocean.  I got sunburned - lobster-like is an understatement. 
Perry Co 4-H State Citizenship Day was a blast!  We went to the Capitol and spent time with Representative Keller.  Plus a trip to the Military Heritage Museum and Trail, the fish hatchery, and King's Gap State Park. 
Thinking of Perry Co 4-H event participation - I participated in the Farm Safety Puppet Show.  This is my third year participating in the puppet show.  It's a lot of fun!
Prom 2014 was memorable too.  I went with a friend to Susquenita High School's Jr/Sr Prom.  It was at the Antique Automobile Club of America Museum near Hershey.  I had a good time but couldn't wait to get back into farm clothes. 
May also contained the normal list of 4-H club meetings.  But the high point of May for Perry Co Livestock Club is tag day!  I took 2 hogs, and 2 market wethers for tag day, so add those to the steer, rabbits and dairy goats for my list of projects.  Did I forget to mention that next month I start my projects with my community club too?  This year I'm taking leather, gardening and clay.  
Wow looking at this list of what I did this month, I wonder how I managed it all besides working and classes too.  But when I think about summer, I think about my time as a  4-H State Council Representative coming to an end.  Maybe summer doesn't have to get here so fast after all.  

Until next month, 

H Wyett Johnson

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Time Flies!!

Hello Pennsylvania 4-H,

I feel as though this year has really flown by. It was just last August that I became apart of State Council and in two short months I will be passing it on to a new council.  But before that happens I have  a lot going on!!!!! First I am currently working on my senior project which is spending 72 hours following around a working person in the community. For this I chose to follow Devin Cunningham my Delaware County 4-H Extension Coordinator. On Friday I will conclude working with Devin and go on my summer family vacation to Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio stopping at Pittsburgh along the way to see family. After coming back from Ohio I will then do a presentation on all I have learned shadowing Devin and complete my educational career at Marple Newtown High school. After that it is June 7th where I will be having a face to face meeting at Penn State the heading up to Kentucky for our 4-H exchange trip!!!!! WooHooo! Then I will fly back a day earlier then the rest of the council (I am trying to pack everything so I ding have to check my bag- let's see how that works out) on June 11th. On June 12th I man graduating from Marple Newtown High  School!!!!!!

Well thanks for reading about my upcoming life!

Forever 4-H,
Alexandra Adams
Pennsylvania State 4-H Council Vice President of  Internal Affairs


On Friday May 23, 2014 I had my senior prom! I was really excited to go to my last prom but also sad too because prom is one of things I will actually miss when I go off to college. Our theme for
prom was the Great Gatsby and it was held in the Watson Inn in the Moon Room which was downstairs. Before prom I went to a pre prom dinner at my friends house and it was good. The decoration were cute and it totally fit the Gatsby theme. Then after dinner we took a lot of pictures and then we were off to prom! The decoration was beautiful! They has mini cupcakes, a champaign bottle filled with bubbles and chocolate coins in a little bag. I also got nominated to be on the prom court for prom queen so I was very excited about that. I didn't get it which was okay I just happy that I got nominated. I will have to say that it was the best prom ever that I been too and I couldn't ask for a better night then spending with my class of 2014 and my awesome friends.

Your Reporter
Divya Reitz

Saturday, May 3, 2014

National 4-H Conference

Hello again Pennsylvania 4-H! 

This past month I had the tremendous honor to be able to attend the National 4-H Conference! For those of you who don't know the National 4-H Conference is a civic engagement opportunity for 4-H members all across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. It takes place every year in Washington D.C. at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center. This year there were over 200 delegates in attendance. 

The first night (Saturday) there were opening ceremonies. After that we had an activity where each state got together and made a poster and cheer/song/saying about their state that they presented to the entire delegation. For Pennsylvania, we made sure to emphasize that we were the great state that gave them Hershey's chocolate! Following that we had the traditional pin exchange that happens at every national 4-H event. 

The next morning (Sunday) we had amazing speaker (Grant Baldwin, whom I highly recommend for any occasion)! Then the delegation split up into roundtable discussion groups that we had chosen before we came to conference. We had one session in the morning and one in the afternoon.  My roundtable's topic was educational gaming! Most of what we did that day was get to know each other and do icebreakers! The other part of what we did that day was talk about what kinds of experiences we have had with educational gaming. 

That day we also had a morning and afternoon session of a strength finders workshop. In the evening, the whole delegation was able to participate in an African dance workshop!

The next day my roundtable got down to business in researching about educational games because the next day we would be presenting to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy! We split into three groups. One group created a handout, one created a powerpoint, and one created speeches for each of themselves. I was in the group that created the speeches and would be giving them the next day. All of the separate groups collaborated in order to make sure that we all had the same information and so we knew that we were all including that information in our tasks. After the long day of hard work, the night was finished off by a fun version of clue, but with real people! 

On Tuesday, each of the roundtable groups travelled to places all across Washinton D.C. to give their presentations to different government groups. As I said before, my roundtable was going to present to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. The presentation went very well and the best part was, the people that we presented to were genuinely interested and cared about what we had to say to them. After the presentation, they walked to the White House with us to get a picture! 

After that, we finished up the day with monument tours! This picture was taken the exact moment I was told we weren't supposed to sit on the cherry blossom trees! I was telling them to take the picture quickly!

On Wednesday everybody at conference went to Capitol Hill to meet with representatives and senators from their state to tell them about 4-H! Our Pennsylvania delegation split up into two groups and each group talked to three people. After each group had met with their repsrestatives and senators, we met up and had lunch in the packed dinning area! Since we had a little time before we needed to catch the buses back to the Cinference Center, we went and toured a few places. Our Pennsylvania delegation toured the Library of Congress and the Botanical Gardens! They were both amazing places that were definitely worth seeing! After we took the buses back to the Conference Center we had a dance/celebration that was a great way to end a great day!

Thursday came very quickly and was, unfortunately, the day that we had to go home! After many goodbyes and farewells, I rode home to Pennsylvania after a fantastic weekend at the National 4-H Conference! I am very glad that I was fortunate enough to be able to attend and would recommend Conference to anyone who has the opportunity to attend!

Until next month, 
Jesse Isenberg 
2013/2014 Pennsylvania State 4-H Council
Vice President of Operations

Friday, May 2, 2014

Endings and Beginnings

Hey Everybody!
So graduation is almost upon us, for those of us that are graduating this year. And that means that it is time for not only endings but also new beginnings. I just had my first taste of that today.
Today, was my final FFA Banquet (sorry, I know it's FFA). It was a very bitter sweet moment. Not only was it the beginning of the end of my agriculture education, but it also reminded me that my time in 4-H is almost over. But, I still have a little bit of time for that. Anyway, back to my banquet. I spoke about how much FFA has taught me. I was reminded of how much I love agriculture by seeing all those excited members. It reminded me of how much I love seeing fellow 4-H members talk about their 4-H experience. And it caused me to think of all the things that 4-H has done for me; so here is my list:
1. Leadership skills (obviously :) )
2. Public speaking
3. It has given me friendships that will last a  lifetime (love you council fam!)
4. Self-confidence
5. Networking skills
These are just some of the many skills that 4-H has given me over the past 10 years. And I am sure in my last two years, I will gain even more skills.

Signing off,
Lydia Lion

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We are the future of Agriculture

Hi All,
This month has been very busy for those of us in the agricultural industry. It seems as though the warm weather is upon us so that we can finally get back into the fields and work. April always was a favorite time of the year for me for many reasons. One of those reasons was because everything is alive and full of growth. This also means that it’s time for us to start prepping the fields to plant, a task that I was never asked twice to do. This is one of the places that developed my love for agriculture and that I wanted to do something that involved the agricultural industry, and follow in my family’s long line of agriculturalists. All that time that I spent out there with my dad and grandfather developed my knowledge that no book will ever teach me. (Books are great for teaching don’t get me wrong). When I was a little boy, if my parents couldn’t find me, all they would have to do is go out in the barn and there I was admiring Pappy’s Massey Harris 44. That was the first tractor that the family ever owned and bought new back in 1949 when they switched from horses to tractors. I am the current owner of this tractor and the 4th generation to own it. At the family farm, they would have field demonstrations from the local dealers that sold Massey Harris and McCormick International tractors and implements. They had field demonstrations for local farmers to convince them to buy the best “new” machine out there. Sadly, the family farm was sold after my great-grandfather passed away.  I always loved listening to my grandfather talk about back on the farm and the old black and white photos, that when you looked at them, it was like I could picture it in my mind and be a part of it. Those talks with my grandfather concreted the fact that I will be in the field of agriculture and farming. The 4-H program also was a big part of developing my career path. 4-H has taught me how to keep good records of my projects. It shows you skills that you will need to know in the field. A couple years back my family’s longtime friend, Mr. Barron “Boots” Hetherington asked me at farm show what I would like to pursue as my career choice. I had not hesitated and replied I want to be a farmer. He kind of chuckled and we started talking about the agricultural industry. At the end of the conversation, he had me convinced at that moment what I wanted to be when I grew up. I am still going to be a farmer and keep true to my family roots but back in sixth grade, I knew from that point forward, I wanted to go into agricultural engineering and designing tractors or agricultural equipment for one of the big agricultural companies and still take over the family farm. Now next fall, I will be attending college for agricultural engineering and diesel technology. This is all one great step in creating my career within the agricultural community because I AM part of THE FUTURE of AGRICULTURE. The Future of Agriculture is in our hands. We need that next generation to take over because this brings about one of my favorite sayings, “No Farms No Food.”

Brendin Freeman

Let in Rain, Let in Pour!

April is such a pretty month. The grass is starting to turn shades of green again, flowers are trying to peak through the ground, and of course it's getting warmer.  Then BANG, it rains.  It just doesn't rain for an hour, or maybe a few hours, no it rains for days.  When the rain comes it always seem to come at the most inconvenient time and place. It has been raining for a good solid two days.  There is mud everywhere, everyday is a bad hair day, and I haven't needed my sunglasses.  The good thing is though I don't need to wash my car. A few puddles later it's perfectly clean.

Puddles are also serving has a new event for track and field.  Instead of me being a hurdler, I'm now a puddle jumper.  Just kidding there, I don't like my feet wet.  Hurdling has been going very well lately.  Just recently I placed 6th in the 100 hurdles at both of the last two invitationals we attended.  I was very pleased with my times too considering both invites were held in the pouring rain.

Before I became a puddle jumper
Warming up for 100 hurdles
Going back to the glorious days of sunshine before these last few rainy days hit there was this little thing called FBLA states. States was a blast and a lot of work but very rewarding.  Thanks to states my school's FBLA chapter now has this joke about the number four.  You see the top 3 in each competitive event advance to nationals.  As a result of this, if you were a Chestnut Ridge FBLA member during the awards ceremony you ended up fourth, including me. There is one good thing about fourth place. It gets the most cheering because every other school realizes their members have made it to nationals.  

The fourth placers 

The best part of April has been the fact that my barn is full again with livestock.  Not just any type of livestock, show animals that is.  After attending many sales and talking to breeders I may have found the perfect set for this summer's show season.  I'm sure I'm the only kid that enjoys getting up really early every morning to do barn work.  There is nothing more that shows warmer weather is around the corner than new livestock in the barn.

Until next time, I have one piece of advice double check your work.  I had to learn this the hard way this month. 

Happy Spring,

Megan Anderson