Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We are the future of Agriculture

Hi All,
This month has been very busy for those of us in the agricultural industry. It seems as though the warm weather is upon us so that we can finally get back into the fields and work. April always was a favorite time of the year for me for many reasons. One of those reasons was because everything is alive and full of growth. This also means that it’s time for us to start prepping the fields to plant, a task that I was never asked twice to do. This is one of the places that developed my love for agriculture and that I wanted to do something that involved the agricultural industry, and follow in my family’s long line of agriculturalists. All that time that I spent out there with my dad and grandfather developed my knowledge that no book will ever teach me. (Books are great for teaching don’t get me wrong). When I was a little boy, if my parents couldn’t find me, all they would have to do is go out in the barn and there I was admiring Pappy’s Massey Harris 44. That was the first tractor that the family ever owned and bought new back in 1949 when they switched from horses to tractors. I am the current owner of this tractor and the 4th generation to own it. At the family farm, they would have field demonstrations from the local dealers that sold Massey Harris and McCormick International tractors and implements. They had field demonstrations for local farmers to convince them to buy the best “new” machine out there. Sadly, the family farm was sold after my great-grandfather passed away.  I always loved listening to my grandfather talk about back on the farm and the old black and white photos, that when you looked at them, it was like I could picture it in my mind and be a part of it. Those talks with my grandfather concreted the fact that I will be in the field of agriculture and farming. The 4-H program also was a big part of developing my career path. 4-H has taught me how to keep good records of my projects. It shows you skills that you will need to know in the field. A couple years back my family’s longtime friend, Mr. Barron “Boots” Hetherington asked me at farm show what I would like to pursue as my career choice. I had not hesitated and replied I want to be a farmer. He kind of chuckled and we started talking about the agricultural industry. At the end of the conversation, he had me convinced at that moment what I wanted to be when I grew up. I am still going to be a farmer and keep true to my family roots but back in sixth grade, I knew from that point forward, I wanted to go into agricultural engineering and designing tractors or agricultural equipment for one of the big agricultural companies and still take over the family farm. Now next fall, I will be attending college for agricultural engineering and diesel technology. This is all one great step in creating my career within the agricultural community because I AM part of THE FUTURE of AGRICULTURE. The Future of Agriculture is in our hands. We need that next generation to take over because this brings about one of my favorite sayings, “No Farms No Food.”

Brendin Freeman

Let in Rain, Let in Pour!

April is such a pretty month. The grass is starting to turn shades of green again, flowers are trying to peak through the ground, and of course it's getting warmer.  Then BANG, it rains.  It just doesn't rain for an hour, or maybe a few hours, no it rains for days.  When the rain comes it always seem to come at the most inconvenient time and place. It has been raining for a good solid two days.  There is mud everywhere, everyday is a bad hair day, and I haven't needed my sunglasses.  The good thing is though I don't need to wash my car. A few puddles later it's perfectly clean.

Puddles are also serving has a new event for track and field.  Instead of me being a hurdler, I'm now a puddle jumper.  Just kidding there, I don't like my feet wet.  Hurdling has been going very well lately.  Just recently I placed 6th in the 100 hurdles at both of the last two invitationals we attended.  I was very pleased with my times too considering both invites were held in the pouring rain.

Before I became a puddle jumper
Warming up for 100 hurdles
Going back to the glorious days of sunshine before these last few rainy days hit there was this little thing called FBLA states. States was a blast and a lot of work but very rewarding.  Thanks to states my school's FBLA chapter now has this joke about the number four.  You see the top 3 in each competitive event advance to nationals.  As a result of this, if you were a Chestnut Ridge FBLA member during the awards ceremony you ended up fourth, including me. There is one good thing about fourth place. It gets the most cheering because every other school realizes their members have made it to nationals.  

The fourth placers 

The best part of April has been the fact that my barn is full again with livestock.  Not just any type of livestock, show animals that is.  After attending many sales and talking to breeders I may have found the perfect set for this summer's show season.  I'm sure I'm the only kid that enjoys getting up really early every morning to do barn work.  There is nothing more that shows warmer weather is around the corner than new livestock in the barn.

Until next time, I have one piece of advice double check your work.  I had to learn this the hard way this month. 

Happy Spring,

Megan Anderson 

The Diagnosis of a Lifetime

Hello PA 4-H!!

As many of you may not have heard... I have been diagnosed with a severe case of SENIORITIS!! For those of you who are underclassmen, just wait, your time is coming. It has been a rough road and I'm not sure what lies ahead because my mind and body are not responding to the treatment. If anyone else thinks they may have this, I hear it is going around, here are the symptoms:
  • Inability to do homework
  • Short attention span
  • Extreme laziness
  • Inconvenient napping
  • Dropping grades
  • lack of focus
This is serious. If you find that you too are suffering from Senioritis, I suggest you immediately take a day off! Just sit back relax and enjoy the beautiful spring weather that is apparently right around the corner. The only treatment is a personal day and try to get yourself back into the swing of things. AP testing and finals are right around the corner, don't lose focus now! For all you seniors, remember next year you are a freshman again and this illness better be healed!!

For everyone who is suffering, seek attention now and feel better soon!!

Good luck,
Kaitlin Rogers
State Council Vice President of Events 

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

What a pretty picture! Here's to hoping all this rain really does bring a beautiful May!
April was an interesting month, to say the least. Nate and I gave a little speech about State Council for our regional 4-H members at our Counselor Training Session on Good Friday. The Training was fantastic, I always enjoy seeing my fellow counselors and friends every year, and the speech went pretty well too if I do say so myself! (I remembered all my lines this time!)

 The rest of April was unfortunately not so glamorous. It consisted mostly of AP review and prep for the upcoming tests next week. How are we at this point already? It's unbelievable! But as always happens around this time of year, teachers are ramping up the pace, students are panicking, and I am stocking up my office supplies in preparation. There's just something really magical about the right pen for right assignment, y'know?

Anyhow, I've got to get back to work now, we've got a lot of work to do still to prepare for what will be a truly epic State Days! Can't wait to see you all there!

Amber J Pound
State Council Historian


“4-H is about more than the ribbions and awards… It’s about the people, the experiences, the life-long skills, the memories, the county fair. It’s about being a role model, giving back, and MAKING THE BEST BETTER”

Hello. My name is Nate Repetz, and I want YOU to run for State Council!
It is with a heavy heart that I write this. As you know, we have three month left to serve on the Pennsylvania 4-H State Council. I know I speak for all of us when I say this has been the experience of a life time, and none of us want it to end. With that being said, I know that one of our most important duties as a member of the State Council is to prepare and assist those who come after us. I want to take this chance to encourage you to run for State Council and share some of what State Council means to me.
We are a classy bunch
                I remember being hesitant about running for Council. Two years ago, I thought there was no way I could ever be on state council. It wasn’t until Capital Days the year before my term began that I got to know the members of the council, and I felt called to be on council. The skills I learned in 4-H have molded me into the person I am today, and I realized that those skills would be put to great use as a State Council member. I decided to run, and I was fortunate enough to make the cut and be selected to serve as president.
                I wanted to be on State Council because I wanted to give back to the organization that made me who I am today. I grew up a country kid living in a “city kid” life. It was 4-H that first got me to break out of my shell. In 4-H, I felt like I belonged and everyone liked me for who I truly was. It is where my true personality always showed through. Being called on stage after being named President was one of the best moments of my life because I felt like I was loved and recognized for being myself.
                State Council is not easy. There are times where you are kicking and screaming, saying you can’t take it anymore and wondering why you ever applied. But I will tell you that for every one of those moments, there are two, three, four, or five moments where you feel like you are on top of the world and you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but on Council. That is why I call my fellow Council members and the Council alumni my “Council Family”. We have been through the highest highs and lowest lows together and have come out of it with an unbreakable bond of friendship and sense of family. Now, WE INVITE YOU TO BE A MEMBER OF OUR FAMILY.
My State Council Family
                If you feel called to serve on State Council just as I did, I strongly encourage you to apply! How do I do that, you may ask? Talk to your county educator or go to this link: for the application and detailed info on the application process. (Hurry, applications are due June 1st!)
                My last point, which I can’t stress enough, is that if you have ANY questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask. I myself am open to a call, text, email, facebook message, carrier pigeon note, or smoke signal at any time. Also, any other Council member or alumni are more than willing to help as well. I’m giving back to 4-H by serving on State Council, and now I want to give back to State Council by helping the future members.
Good luck to everyone finishing up school. Have a great month!
Nate Repetz
2013/2014 PA 4-H State Council

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April's Over Already?

April showers bring May flowers . . . or at least green fields of growing hay fields and winter wheat!  Plus April brought more baby goats and work here on the farm.

4-H has been busy this month too.  I participated in 4-H Speak-Out Night again this year.  I'm proud to say I won a Judge's Choice Award for the pledges. Camp Counselor training and Perry County 4-H's Government Day workshop added to fun.   Regular meetings and a trip to Del-Val for a judging competition rounded out my 4-H month.

Hard to believe that we only have three months left for our State Council year.  It has flown by.  I highly recommend this experience to everyone!

Until Next Month,

H Wyett Johnson
PA 4-H State Council Represtative

Retreats and more Retreats. Plus Other Stuff.

Hey Pennsylvania 4-Hers!
I have had quite the 4-H filled month, let me tell you.  I started off the beginning of April at the Buckeye Leadership Workshop in Ohio, which my 4-H camp sent me to as training for being a Senior Counselor at camp this year.  I have been looking forward to going to Buckeye ever since I started counseling 4 years ago.  Basically, it's camp for adults. There were teenagers there who were my age and younger, as well as many adults who have been attending BLW for over 20 years! People came from all over the states AND CANADA to be at BLW.  Although not everyone there was in 4-H, most people at least had a connection to 4-H, whether they were an educator, leader, or former member.  I met State Council members from other states, like Ohio, Tennessee, and Florida.  Learning how every state does it a little differently was very interesting (I'm of course partial to the way we run things). It was kind of cool to go back and be a camper again after being a counselor for so long.  
Not long after I got back from Buckeye, I found out that I was accepted as a trend spotter for the 4-H Mall! Every month, I submit designs to the 4-H Mall, and they are considered to be sold at the store. As a fashion major, I think this is going to be a great experience working with two things I love: 4-H and fashion!
But the highlight of this 4-H month was the Western PA Teen Leadership Retreat.  The theme this year was Cirque du 4-H, and the dining hall was set up to look like a circus and each Senior Counselor was dressed up like a different circus character (that is why my Facebook profile picture is so weird).  This was my first year as a Senior Counselor for TLR, and I was excited and nervous all at the same time.  Not only was this the first time I conducted interviews to help select the camp counselors for Jr. and Intermediate 4-H camp in June, it was my first time teaching a workshop all by myself to my peers.  I taught a workshop on creative thinking, which ended up being a lot more creative than I originally thought.  I had two groups complete brain teaser worksheets, and they could get hints by performing challenges. Here are some examples of different challenges they had to do:
Come up with an original team handshake 
Make up and perform a song about how awesome Sophie is 
Use Sophie’s phone to take a group selfie 
Say the alphabet backwards as a team (without messing up!) 
Sing “Grey Squirrel” twice with a British accent 
Have the whole group loudly sing “I Love You” from Barney while holding hands 
Lay down in a line with your head on a teammate’s belly and play the HA game
 Have someone ask my stuffed cat out on a creative date (if he rejects you it doesn’t count!) 
Name the seven Dwarfs from Disney 
Give the opposing team one answer that they don’t have that you do 
Have the whole group run around pretending to be magical unicorns 
Have 6 group members do their best impression of each senior counselor 
Correctly sing “I’m a super 4-H’er” 
Have the group pretend they are performing in a circus as trained seals with 1 trainer

And you can bet I videotaped every embarrassing second. Now my next creative challenge is to figure out how to set all those songs about me as my ringtone...
After 3 great days that I couldn't even begin to explain and still sound like a sane human being, my final TLR was at an end.  It's crazy to think that only one person who was at my first TLR was there at the last.  It was a little strange for me to think that there was nobody left for me to look up to, because I was the Senior Counselor that all the younger 4-Hers had as an example.  I hope that I was a good one.  
If I could explain the weekend in one picture, it would be this. 
Have a magnificent May!
Sophie Hutchinson, Council Representative and part-time ferocious cat

Monday, April 28, 2014

Acceptance Student Day!

I can't believe that my school at Muncy High School years are almost over. On saturday April 26 Lock Haven University hosted an event for all the incoming freshman and let me tell you it was a really fun. I got to talk to some of the facualty before the students had to go to a different building to talk to the student who already go there. I though it was really nice that student that go to Lock Haven to talk about Lock Haven and how it is a really great school to go. After that all happen the students broke us up into a group with whatever color you had and you would spend the day with them. Well I would have to say that I really liked my group. I like that we did ice breakers to get to know eachother, then we did a game call what to bring to a pinic, and then we did a scavenger hunt around the whole campus. After we did all we go to go each lunch in our group and then we took a class picture. Towards the end of the event they had a mini carnival with games, food, music, and performance. I would have to say that I really enjoyed spending the day at the college that I will attending to for four years and meeting new people. I can't wait to become a college student!

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Hi Pennsylvania 4-H!

Wow! I cannot believe where the time has gone. I feel like I was just starting my senior year and now I am preparing to leave. I committed to the University of Delaware and will be attending for Agriculture Education and Elementary Education. For those of you looking at schools and are wondering what to look here the below is what I found is what I want in a college.

Size- I wanted medium(18,000)
Campus Feel-Pretty, Nice People, Not dreary, Safe area
Town- It is a college town with an awesome main street
Dorms- All freshman live on campus and they have a variety of living options
Majors- I was so happy Delaware has what I want
Study Abroad- So many opportunities to study abroad
Long Winter break- Eight weeks!
Not to Far- Iowa was an option at some point but a little to far from me
Activities- COLLEGIATE 4-H, Habitat for Humanity, service clubs, sororities

And these are just some of the reasons why I chose this college. I cannot wait to see what next year brings!

Forever 4-H,
Alexandra Adams
Pennsylvania Sate 4-H Council Vice President of Internal Affairs

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Capital Days

Hello fellow 4-H'ers, as many of you know we just recently had our 4-H state capital days! Mannnn was it fun! I had gone to the event in the past and let's just say it wasn't my most favorite state event. Mainly because I'm not big on  doing government things it's never been my strong point. However this year being on state council and getting to help plan for the event was a huge honor and I found that it was a lot more fun this year! First off Friday the council members assembled at the Hilton hotel in Harrisburg for a day of planning and training. I unfortunately was not able to make it right away because of school but, when I got there we did a few little workshops and then went out to eat. The next day is when all the fun started.  It was time for the kids to show up and we had a lot in store for them such as a fun little superhero themed skit before dinner and a few workshops all went well! By the way if you didn't hear there was another "Dark Clover" incident...He stole the seal to citizenship! We weren't able to catch him but we found some clues and we might be able to catch him at state days! Anyway after Saturday came Sunday ( obviously) and we were all anticipating the big debate on the bill! Let me tell you if you weren't at capital days you sure did miss a good bill debate! Also the delegates and council paid a visit to the Capitol for a tour and it was very interesting! Myself and Amber pound found a part inside the Capitol that looked like a tic tac toe board so what did we do...snapchatted it and played haha it was a creative new way to play the game! We were so happy with how everyone was participating and enjoying the Capitol tour and the debate! When Sunday night center to and end I had to pack up because I had to leave a bit early Monday for an appointment which was sad cut this was the day we got to talk with our legislators! Even though I missed it I heard a lot of great things!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Month of March

This month was great i had a great time this past weekend at capitol days it was a blast to be there as a state officer it was a experience worth a lifetime. I had a great time the teaching about parli pro. it was great going to the capitol and talking with government officials. This month has been a great month for me because its starting to warm back up so then we can start getting the ground prep done i was talking to some old farmers and they were talking about how last year at that time we were all ready going and planting onions and starting to break ground and now would have started to plant by now. i hope this weather is soon going too give up so that we can start working again.
Thank you,
 Council Representative Brendin Freeman

Capital Days

Hey Everybody!
We've just come off Capital days!!! Woohoo!!!!! It was a super fun weekend, jammed packed with fun, and learning. I know I learned a ton about the legislative process. Our council family is closer than ever after this weekend. We learned even more about each other through team building activities, and also how we all teach differently and how to use those different teach techniques to teach parli pro as well as we could.
I think something important that we should all remember is that we are all superheros. And just as our speaker; Ashley Shaw, said: we are all our own superhero. And we don't need a silly personality test online to tell us that. So whether you are more like wonder woman, spider man, or robin, you are truly your own superhero.
Signing off;

Lydia Lion

Senator Dad

Hi everyone!
I can't believe that it's only been 24 hours since I was at 4-H State Capital Days in Harrisburg, it feels like a lifetime ago already. Actually, Capital Days was the first state event that I attended the entire event (I went to Achievement Days first but I only went for the fashion revue day). Being a State Council member is a whole different perspective on state events, that's for sure. But I think I've always had a different perspective on Capital Days than everyone else. You see, most people have never met their legislator before, and are nervous about meeting him or her and don't know what to say. I can honestly say that I have never had that problem, because my dad was my Representative, and now he's my Senator. I don't like to make a big deal out of it because it's a job like any other, but it just so happens that there's a 4-H event that has to do with his job! It's kind of awesome that I got to experience a little bit about what his job is like, and then get to talk about it with him and my sisters at breakfast. It kind of became the family joke that my sisters and I had to drive 5 hours and pay money to have breakfast with our dad! But if there's one thing I learned from my 3 years at Capital Days, it's that I could never do my dad's job. I admire anyone who can do the things those people do all day every day. My dad makes that 5 hour drive every week, and sits through people trying to put all kinds of things into law, and has to make decisions that he thinks will make the laws better. I could never handle that pressure. It's different doing it for fun for a weekend, and actually affecting what happens in our state. I've always had an inside view of what it's like for legislators at home and in public, but I enjoyed the chance to have a little taste of what his job is like while he's in Harrisburg. The most important thing I would like to share with anyone who ever goes to Capital Days again is that the legislators are real people. They have families and friends, they listen to music and watch sports on TV, they order pizza and wear normal clothes (except for my dad, I have't seen the man wear jeans since 2007) , and aren't scary or overly formal for the most part, so you shouldn't feel nervous about messing up or being awkward. It's okay! I think that truly understanding our government is realizing that we're all just people trying to make a difference in the best possible way.
Woah, that was a lot more serious than I usually write about. so here's a completely not serious at all picture of me at Capital Days.

Have an amazing April!
Sophie Hutchinson, Council Representative