Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Saturday, October 31, 2009

October is gone already

Greeting to one and all!

This year is flying by, and the month of October has already come to a close. Between talking to donors for the State Leadership Conference, and visiting 4-H groups, there is no wonder where the time disappeared to. Earlier this month I had the chance to represent 4-H at the Jefferson County 4-H Achievement Banquet. I felt this an honor because even though I do not participate in 4-H in the county it is still the one I grew up in, and my step-mom and little sister are active in the program there. While there I gave a small speech about what sort of opportunities there were outside the club level, and challenged the leaders who were present to urge the members of their clubs to become more involved. It was not just about becoming more involved in their counties, but to expand their knowledge by attending, regional and state events, such as State Leadership Conference. After the program was over for the night, many of the leaders came up to me to thank me for coming and tell me that they would begin to encourage their members to become active outside of the clubs.

Besides talking with other 4-H members, parents, and leaders this month, the entire team has been busy contacting donors to make this year's State Leadership Conference the best one ever. The date is quickly approaching, and the fun is just beginning. Today is a meeting of the State 4-H Council where we will continue to talk and make plans, as well as finalize some business that needs done in order to make the best conference yet. Keep watching our blog to find out what is new with the State 4-H Council, our members, and Pennsylvania 4-H.

Laura Pifer

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