Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Thursday, July 30, 2009

July-Council Bonding Time!

Hey PA 4-H!
July has been a crazy month for Council; it has also been the most time we have spent together as a team.
This month was one of the highlights of our year-New Mexico! On the 12th, we took flights from State College to Detroit, then to Houston, El Paso, and then an hour drive to Las Cruces, NM at New Mexico State University. As an exchange to the New Mexico 4-H Council’s trip to SLC in January, we took part in their State Conference, which combines the PA idea of SLC and State Days. This was a great bonding experience for our team as well as a way to see a new culture. While there we experienced “real” Mexican food, learning to “two-step” (because that’s the popular way to dance), and saw lots of desert! The best part was meeting the New Mexico Leadership Team and seeing the differences in our 4-H programs. We arrived back in PA on the 18th.
Two weeks later we met at Penn State University for State Days, arriving two days early for our mid-year leadership training. Throughout the week we emceed Opening Ceremonies, the Talent Show, and Closing Ceremonies. We also met with staff from Penn State and toured the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center. I hope you all enjoyed your time at Penn State University and if you did not attend State Days you join us in 2010!
In my own area, I have been attending several events. On July 8th, I attended Teen Day Away with the Central Susquehanna Counties region, which was hosted by Union County. The event had a beach theme and included many water games. I have also done club visits with the Super Stitchers and Just Kidding Goat Clubs of Snyder County as well as schedule two more visits for August.
Enjoy the last few weeks of your summer and I look forward to meeting you at Ag Progress Days!

Jeanette Blank
Council Reporter

“Kind words are like the seats in an airplane. You’ll still get to your destination without them, but the journey is a whole lot more comfortable with them.”

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