Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Sunday, July 5, 2009

School is out and Graduation has past. Now begins the endless summer heat, campfires, and
4-H State Achievement Days! remember State Days is in July this year and you State Council has been planning out some last minute details, so "Rev Up" and come out and show off your skills.
This month of June included a Face to Face Council meeting at Penn State University on June 12th for Council. Also this month for me included Northwestern PA's Junior 4-H Camp, and MAAC.
At Camp I was a Senior Counselor so I presented a food workshop to go along with the theme, "AARRRRGH" (Pirates). I had the kids build a ship out of food and on their plates we created an ocean complete with fish and icebergs. At Camp we played a ton of games and sang songs. One song sticks out in my mind above all of them though, it was the Burrito song the New Mexico State Council taught us at State Leadership Conference 2009. The kids loved it because it was new and included food.
MAAC is the Mid-Atlantic Alliance of Cooperatives, and over the summer at Lock Haven University is a State Event that you have to be selected at a regional event to attend. This Cooperative Seminar teaches the basics of Cooperatives through having the kids form their "minicos" which are mini cooperatives. In their mini cooperatives they decide what products they will sell to the other scholars attending. They have to be creative because there is copetition among the minicos. At MAAC I was Scholar Staff. As scholar Staff we assisted Staff and anyone who needed our help and we did vespers and closing cermemonies. At the end of the week we had an amazing banquet and everyone reflected on their week as the scholars who were selected to go to NICE which is the National Event were called.
Remember State Days is coming up FAST so get packing and start planning on attending our State Leadership Conference in February!

Love and Peace

Jamie Forinash

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