Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is it January already?

The time has come. In less than 24 hours I will be headed to Penn State to meet the rest of the council team to get ready for SLC and welcome over 300 4-H members across Pa who will join us for an amazing weekend of leadership. I know I'm excited to get my license!
For the past week I have been loaded down with studying for mid terms, homework, rifle matches, forensics meets, and practice for the Pa maple contest coming up. However, during all these events my mind keeps drifting to one thing...SLC!
I can not believe that it has been a year since I met the 5 girls that are know like my sisters. We have had some great times over the past 12 months! This experience has truly been one that I will remember for the rest of my life. I will never forget the fear I had in myself during our training weekend in February when I never thought I'd be able to accomplish all that Pa 4-H required from me. Before I knew it I was taking part on conference calls and heading to Capital Day's to promote 4-H to our State Legislators. I immediately fell in love with promoting 4-H and getting to talk with fellow 4-H members and be looked up to. During the next few months I was kept busy with club visits, promotions in my county and communicating with my team.
In June we were sad to say goodbye to Dr. Bruce at our face to face. She had taught us so much and had so much to offer our team in the time we spent with her. During the meeting we also broke into working out all the details for Leadership Conference and got a HUGE piece of news! With the new 4-H year changing council also would be changing and the 2008 2009 teams would be able to participate in a 6 month council term. After much thought I knew that 4-H had given me so much over the past years and it was time for me to give back. Therefore at state leadership I will hand over my title and proudly take another.
July was one of the most exciting months imaginable for me. I was able to travel to the West Coast as part of a county 4-H exchange trip where I stayed in Raineer Washington and was able to visit Forks. Luck wasn't on my side and I didn't get to meet Jacob or Edward, but I made some great memories, and friends who share the same love for the largest youth organization in the nation! After returning home from a week in Wa, I was able to work with my fair animals for a week before heading with the rest of my team to New Mexico for their State Conference! While there I built confidence while partaking in different events I never thought I'd try. Human bowling, eating authentic Mexican food, and learning to two step dance are memories I will never be able to replace. This also gave the team a chance to bond without the stress of having to run an event of our own. The entire team had their share of blonder moments, and inside jokes. If you need an further explanation just ask Jamie about the stairs there or Laura about Magic Password.
Soon after returning home our team took stage at state days where we changed things up and opened with an amazing opening ceremonies thanks to Alex and every one's acting skills. Soon the event came to a close and we realized we made it halfway through the year!
August held a conference call and a trip to Ag Progress days. The weather was hot as I showed my animals at my County fair and started senior year.
October we met again for a face to face while dressing up for Halloween. I do have to say I make an amazing cow. We got a surprise visit from Dr. Bruce, and worked on getting ready for Conference.I also participated in National Youth Science Day at Penn State University.
As the months flew by we all met again for the Pa farm show where we attended the Governor's Diner and had the chance to mingle with people from all over the state. Our program was also well represented with an interactive booth/table. The days began to be counted down, and before I knew it I once again got in the car and headed to the Penn Stater hotel, where just 12 months ago I received the green jacket that changed my year and life, for the final hotel walk through!
Now as I finish my last blog for my 2009 council term I realize that I am going to pack my back yet again to head to not just any State Leadership Conference but the Leadership Conference where I will get my License to Lead and finish out my year at! I hope to see you all there and CAN NOT WAIT!!!
For the last time,
your State 4-H Secretary,
Christy Lambert

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