Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Monday, April 1, 2013

Ice Cream at the Capitol Building

March has been an exciting month for 4-H.  One of the interesting events I got to attend was the Extension Capitol Day. 
I arrived with members of my county delegation which were all part of the Extension Agency.  I got the chance to talk to several Senators and Representatives about the importance of the Extension Program.  I believe it was good for many to recognize the impact the extension agency has on youth.  All of the 4-H Programs that Pennsylvania has, are created through the Extension Research, so trying to get support for the agency that helps run 4-H was a worthwhile experience. 

After talking with several senators and representatives I had the exciting opportunity of scoping ice cream.  That’s right scooping ice cream, who said being a state officer was all about being serious.  I had the pleasure of dishing out mint chocolatechip with fellow state officer Tyler Shaw and officer alumni Liz McAndrew.  We served ice cream to Senators, Representatives, and to their Aids.  At events like these, getting a chance to have some good laughs after a long day of advocacy is just what a youth needs.  I also learned something that day:

Leadership is also scooping ice cream! 


George Dietrich, Historian and Reporter




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