Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hi Everyone! It's hard to believe March is already over and we're stepping closer and closer to capital Days with every minute.

This last month was filled with State Council's first Conference Call. It was definately an experience similar to three way calling with eight of us on the line. We really took care of business during thatmeeting. We discussed Capital Days in depth and continued planning for SLC in 2010.

During March our team was involved in various activities around thestate during State 4-H Week. These activities incluided different promotional activities and a workshops for a few of our members. I attended Crawford County's annual Mall promotion and made contacts with each of the 17 clubs and explained the importance of our service project "Check out the Silver". I also made afternoon anouncements for my highschool including a 4-H fact. Also a press release was submittedby the 2009 State Council written by Jessica Lehman our Vice Presidentof Internal Affairs. This article was addressed to each of our members to include in our local newpapers and county newsletters.

Stay tuned and remember Capital Days is April 19-21st.

until next time,

Jamie Forinash

2009 PA State Council President

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