Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Updates

As they say in German, Guten Tag!

I surely had a wonderful day at the Bradford County Officer’s Training. On March 28, I, along with Jess, Jeanette, and Laura had the opportunity to teach officer workshops on the roles of the president, secretary, and treasurer. With a warm welcome from the Bradford County Council and participants from the workshop, I talked about different aspects and roles of being a secretary with Jeanette. To start the presentation, we played an activity where the members paired up and were given 15 seconds to share their life story. The members eventually were given the task to recall the information learned from a partner. The members were given an activity to learn about how to keep accurate and consistent minutes by giving them a false record of a meeting’s minutes. Jeanette and I reviewed with the members about what could be modified. To review what each group learned throughout the course of the day, members participated in a mock meeting session. While attending, we also had the opportunity to share with the group about what it means to be a Pennsylvania State 4-H Council Officer. We talked about the events we attend each year (including Capital Days, State Days, and Leadership Conference) as well as events such as the Pennsylvania Farm Show, Ag Progress Days, AEE Banquet, and PSATS Reception. I had a great time in Bradford County and I would like to again thank those people for having us at the officer’s training!

Our council also had its first conference call on March 18th to discuss ideas for Leadership Conference and State Days. We even voted on the workshop list for next year! The New Mexico trip and our responsibilities at the upcoming Capital Days were also discussed.

Speaking of which, our next event is Capital Days on April 19th through the 21st! I am looking forward to seeing everyone there, ready to learn and share new ideas!

As Always,

Alex Stepnoski
VP of Conference

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