Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April Updates


To prepare for the upcoming Capital Days event, held on April 8th was a conference call where we discussed our meetings with legislators, our bills, and a bit about the AEE banquet and the New Mexico trip.

The council team arrived at the Hilton Hotel for the 2009 4-H Capital Days event in Harrisburg on Saturday, April 18th in order to prepare for the mock legislative sessions, meetings with our legislators, and review other items on our agenda.

To kick off our 4-H Capital Days program, we had our opening ceremonies dinner with our guest speakers: State 4-H program leader, Christy Bartley and Ms. Gwen Bower. Ms. Bower talked with the 4-H delegates about how a bill becomes enacted into law. After dinner, the council team led ice breaker activities Representatives from the Collegiate FFA also came to share information about parliamentary procedure. Afterwards, the information was applied while at the mock party meetings for the majority party (green party) and minority party (white party). The bills that were discussed are House bill 63 regarding the sale of tobacco, Senate bill 111 about the Witness Protection Act, and House bill 188 regarding the start of school before Labor Day.

Monday was very eventful with back to back Senator and Representative appointments. We had the opportunity to meet with Special Assistant to Lieutenant Governor Tony Moscato; Secretary of Agriculture, Dennis Wolff; Senators Charles McIlhinney, Donald White, John Gordner, and Robert Robbins; and Representatives John Evans, David Millard, and Samuel Smith. The council also hosted a working luncheon on table manners with special guest Lori Connelly to prep us for the Legislative Breakfast on Tuesday; the mock legislative meeting with the green and white parties; a banquet with special guest representative Scott Conklin; and Dairy Promotion ice cream social, dance, and movie.

To close the 4-H Capital Days event, on Tuesday, April 21st, the delegates had an opportunity to meet with their legislators at the Legislative Breakfast. At the breakfast, Secretary Wolff and head of Penn State Cooperative Extension, Daney Jackson offered a few words. As Capital Days came to a close, we unveiled the 2009-2010 Service Learning Project, “Check out the Silver”. We ask that counties, throughout the year, start collecting metal tabs from soda and juice cans to benefit Ronald McDonald Houses! Those regions who collect the most tabs will be recognized at the 4-H State Leadership Conference.

In short, the 2009 4-H Capital Days was a great success and we are all looking forward to our trip to New Mexico and State Achievement Days!

Until next time,

Alex Stepnoski
Council Vice President of Conference

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