Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hi everyone,
April brought some wonderful spring weather and also the Council’s first state event.
On April 2, I attended the Union County Teen Council meeting, held in Mifflinburg, PA. While there, I talked about my duties as a State Council member, our Checkout the Silver project, and the upcoming Capital Days. I also led a personality trait test called “How Full Are Your Sails?”. The Teen Council is rather new, so as the meeting progressed they asked for my opinion on various events they plan to do in the coming year.
On April 4, the Central Susquehanna Counties held a mandatory Camp Counselor Training in Sunbury, PA. Here I took part in various training exercises, planning tenting area activities, and choosing workshops to lead. Our region’s 4-H Camp Brule will be held in Sullivan County on June 21-26.
From April 18-21, the Council participated in our first state event…Capital Days, held in Harrisburg at our beautiful capital and the Hilton Hotel. While the members were taking tours of the capital and attending workshops, the Council met with Senators and Representatives from across PA, including: a staff member for Rep. Samuel Smith, Secretary of Agriculture Dennis Woolf, the assistant to the Lt. Governor-Tony Muscato, Rep. John Evans, Senator Donald White, Rep. David Millard, Senator John Gordner, Senator Robert Robbins, and Senator Charles McIlhinney. That evening we held a mock legislative session where we discussed and amended three real bills being discussed by our legislators. The final day it was the members’ turn to meet with legislators at our Annual Legislative Breakfast. This was actually my first time at Capital Days and I enjoyed it very much. You can visit a Capital Days blog at

“Troubles, like a washing machine, twist us and knock us around but in the end we come out brighter.”

God Bless,
Jeanette Blank
State Council Reporter

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