Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Thursday, August 27, 2009

As summer comes to a close....

I hope that each of you have enjoyed your summer as it rapidly comes to a close, I guess all great things must come to an end. I know for most of your State Council we are getting ready to enter a collegiate environment full of new experiences and friends.

As your State Council we have had a little time to catch our breath this month after an extremely busy July which included a trip to New Mexico and State Achievement Days at Penn State University. I truly enjoyed getting the chance to take part in the many events at State Days, from the Talent show to our first ever State Days video! Although it was hot (and a little rainy), I believe a great time was had by all and many memories were made during those short three days.

On August 18th through 20th members of State Council attended Ag Progress Days in Rock Springs, PA. While here, each member helped youth create “seedling necklaces”. These seedling necklaces consisted of a Navy Bean seed wrapped in a damp cotton ball and placed inside a small sandwich bag. When the necklaces were worn around the necks of the children, their body heat helped the little seed to grow and within 2-3 days, a seedling was visible. I made one myself and brought it home and the little seedlings are already about 11 inches tall!

While at Ag Progress Days your Vice-President of Conference, Alex Stepnoski, and I were able to meet with your Secretary of Agriculture Dennis Wolfe and have pictures taken on Wednesday morning. Alex and I also had the chance to talk to the Pennsylvania State FFA officers that morning and had pictures taken with them.

As I bring my little letter to a close, I will leave you with the monthly quote I have promised:

“Exert your talents, and distinguish yourself, and don't think of retiring from the world, until the world will be sorry that you retire.”
-Samuel Johnson

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication PA 4-H!
As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Jessica Lehman
PA State 4-H Council – Vice President of Internal Affairs

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