Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Time for "Back to School"...

Hello all!
It has been another busy month for Council, both with 4-H and the fact that most of us are new college students (or beginning Senior year)!
This month I began contacting donors to sponsor our SLC 2010 (which is quickly approaching so don’t forget to look for a registration form coming soon!). Some of my contacts have been Cargil, Lancaster Farming, Farmshine, and various small businesses around my hometown. I will also be contacting some celebrity 4-H alums such as Reba McEntire, Luke Bryan, and Faith Hill.
I attended the monthly County Council meeting of Columbia County on August 6. I talked about SLC, Checkout the Silver, and asked for feedback on our State Days video. I also did a leadership activity with them.
On August 13, I participated in my county’s Ag SCItment Day Camp. This event was run by the Snyder County Teen Council and organized by our summer assistant, Melanie. I was a group leader for the older children and took them to stations where they learned about first aid, watersheds, environment, made a birdhouse, made ice cream in a bag with the Dairy Princess, and more. This event was great because we had many community kids not in 4-H attend the event.
I did another club visit on the 16th with the Eager Beaver Dairy Club (which was awesome because my Dad helped to found that club and was one of the first members).
At Ag Progress Days, I spent an afternoon in the State 4-H booth making Seed Necklaces. It was so much fun working with the kids!

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Countdown to SLC: 151 days

In the Spirit of 4-H,

“Some people are nearsighted: they only live for the present. Other people are farsighted; they see beyond today.” -Unknown

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