Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm in A Hurry And Don't Know Why

It's like January just showed up and left without letting us know that he was here and never stopped to say hey or anything, or is it we where all to busy to stop and say hello to him. Sometimes I wonder if that isnt the problem when people say that time flies by and that it is just that people do not just take the time to stop and look and listen to the clock instead of always saying" O no I am late, I better run" . The Human race is funny because we are always in a hurry and we dont always no why. Maybe we are in a hurry because we try and push the snooze button twice likee myself and then in turn get dressed and ready for school in 10 minutes and run into school with a minute to the homeroom bell. And whats funny is we will do all agian tomorrow even on purpose again. Another reason is that we try and get it all done in one day but the truth is it is not going anywhere today and so it will always be there tomorrow to work on and in way is going to leave you. So in the End think, Why do you hurry?  (Jonathan Yoder Historian and Reporter)

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  1. does seem that we "hurry up" and "get moving" and fail to see the need to embrace the moment. Why do we encourage you all to do this ---answer--- because we see what you will do and it it awesome to see that our "vision" plays out better than imagined. We do need to take more time to celebrate the do we do this?