Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Is it just me or is time flying ?¿?

As the year flys by i am realizing i am about to become an adult.....i used to want to grow up now i want to stay 17 forever. But oh well i want to say i had a blast at SLC this year being on the other side of the program. I want you all to see the behind the scenes of the weekend it's amazing. Farm Show was sweet we all got to go to the dinner and meet the state's important people.

I cannot wait until SUMMER!!!!!! does anyone feel the same??¿¿ I am getting my truck ready for the pulling season so come out and cheer. I have been accepted to five colleges and I am having a hard time deciding where to go. Hope my choice is the right one!

PA Council Vice President of Events
CJ Adams

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  1. Yes, time is flying...too many of our young people want to grow up through life, always wishing for the next milestone...when I can go to camp, when I can be a counselor, when i graduate, when I go to college...when i get a job...time is a flying...but remember to enjoy, savor a job well done, savor a childhood friendship, savor an influence on a younger youth who looks up to you. It is important too! It will also help you when you get to the other side...the adult moments..."I remember when I went to camp, I remember when i was a counselor, I remember when we graduated...