Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thank You Venango 4-H

This past weekend, as I was traveling to the central region's leadership retreat, I stopped at the cranberry mall to get some provisions for my long journey to Camp Blue Diamond. (i.e. Red Bull and bugles) I was amazed at what I beheld when I walked in. Venango County 4-H was having their annual mall Children's Expo. 4-H'ers from all across Vengango county and some even farther, had set up around a dozen booths which all showcased what 4-H had to offer in their area. They had everything from miniature golf, to nerf gun shooting, to leather working; and all of it was still 4-H themed! Some how Venango County even got a 4-H bear mascot with green fur! Not only were there booths set up for the actual projects, but Venango County Council and their advisory board had booths set up to show how anybody who wants to become involved with 4-H can. I tip my hat to Venango County 4-H, I was so glad to see 4-H'ers out and about showing what 4-H has to offer.
Seeing their wonderful display of "Green" really made my day.

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