Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Friday, April 27, 2012

Everyone needs a few goals

Do you know that feeling you get when you accomplish something you set out to do? It's a sweet satisfying feeling, one that comes after a great accomplishment that keeps you smiling for days. Yeah, I love that feeling. The first start to getting that satisfaction is by setting goals for yourself. Goal setting is a great thing to do, especially when you finally achieve the goal after you worked hard to get there. There is great satisfaction in knowing you are capable of completing something you wanted to do. I have set a few goals for myself already this year, some involving my 4-H horse project and another just involving something I have always wanted to do.
First I’ll tell you about my goals involving my horse project. I have worked with my mare for the last few years, and each year we have improved considerably. It is amazing to think back on how she used to be, and then look at her now as what she has become. So two of my goals that include her are –
1.  Place in the top 6 at Round up in the Grooming and Showmanship class.
2.  Place in the top 6 at Round up in the Trail class.

I think that these will be tough to get, but not impossible. It will be even more fulfilling if I do make it to districts because my sister and I were the ones to put in all of her training. There was no professional instructor for us, which is the most rewarding way to achieve my goals.

The next goal is something I have been meaning to do for the last several years, and this year I am finally going to do it! I have wanted to participate in the Apple Pie contest held at my county’s fair, but have never actually gotten to do it because I was busy preparing my market animals. It always slipped my mind until after the submissions were done. This year I intend to not forget and actually get one submitted. Perhaps I will even make it to Farm Show? But I won't get ahead of myself. That would be amazing, but for now I will just be happy with submitting my apple pie into my county contest.

What about your own goals? Do you have any set? If not you should think about some, even if they seem like they are simple ones. When you do reach them be sure to enjoy accomplishing them, because you were capable of attaining them! 

Danielle Knapp

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