Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Friday, April 27, 2012

America the Beautiful

     Every year in honor of Earth Day my 4-H club, The Backwoodsmen, takes a Sunday to clean the roadsides in the the area. So, on April 15th about 15 members and leaders split up the roads and picked up about a miles worth of roadside. Now, everybody can usually find some interesting things that people have dumped over banks. One year my brother found a cell phone, a brand new CD, and a pair of sneakers. Other years multiple soccer and basket balls have been found. One year I even found a salamander when picking up bottles. Of course there are some years that I only found cigarettes and empty soda bottles.
      So this year I was full of anticipation as to what I would find. Within 5 minutes of starting my stretch of road I found an old metal vacuum cleaner. My friend and I still have no idea as to how the vacuum cleaner ended up over the bank in the middle of no where, but there it was. So my friend decided she wanted to retrieve it. She jumped over the guard rail and started down the bank. Little did she know there was an ant hill right where she had jumped. While she was working her way down the bank I saw the ants swarming about. I called out to my friend saying, "Hey look at all these ants!" At that time she noticed all the ants crawling up her legs. luckily she didn't fall down the bank as she started hopping and slapping her legs. After she rid herself of the ants she grabbed the vacuum cleaners cord and drug it up the bank.
     We were both pretty proud of our discover of the vacuum cleaner, because we doubt that anyone will ever find another vacuum cleaner along side the road. And discoveries like this make cleaning the roadsides fun.

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