Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Saturday, June 30, 2012

The first step of a long road...

Becoming a Veterinarian is my dream job. When I first thought this would be a good match for me, I didn't realize how much work it really is. I realized that I would have to go to school for a really long time and that I would need really good grades, but I didn't realize I would need a lot of job shadowing hours! Around  500 I heard was a good amount! That means I have to have around 125 hours a year for the next four years. That's a lot when you think about all the other things going on in my life..riding horses, school, work, 4-H, family, friends, farm work, etc!

This month I started my job shadowing! Every Tuesday, I go to our small and large animal vet and shadow his every move! I have already learned and saw so much! I've seen plenty of dogs and cats spayed and neutered, cats declawed (which I believe is awful), tons of check-ups, a bloated fawn, checking cows to see if they were pregnant ( which was awesome!), and so much more! Unfortunately with job comes some tragedy.  The vet had to euthanize a miniature horse that had fallen and hit her head and an elderly dog that had cancer. Many people believe it's hard to watch an animal be euthanized and wouldn't be able to do it and believe me, so did I until I actually watched it. When you know it's that animals time to go and they have no quality of life, you know you are doing the right thing when you put the animal down. In no way does it make it easier, but at least you get some comfort knowing that they won't be in any pain and will be in a great place!

Job shadowing this vet has really helped to solidify in my mind that becoming a veterinarian is the best career for me and I can't wait to continue perusing it. I know that if I wasn't in 4-H there is no way that I would have chosen this path because 4-H gave me the opportunity to show with my horses and come to love animals in a way that I want to help them.

Liz McAndrew
PA State 4-H Vice President of Operations and Events

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