Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Change is good

This year for Clearfield County's 4-H Horse roundup, our county decided to do something different. Instead of having our show at our traditional spot in Clearfield County, we decided to partner up with Centre County and have both of our shows together, at one location, in the same rings, and on the same day. This was definitely a first for both counties but had one awesome spot to have the show, at the Grange Fairgrounds.
For me, this was a unique opportunity because this was the year I decided to show my hunter/jumper horse Mac. Luck-fully my horse had been there before but this would be my first time jumping him at a 4-H horse show! I was definitely excited but a little nervous. It made me feel a lot better that we were at the Grange Fairgrounds though because their ring had a lot of space and great footing so I knew that he wouldn't slip or not be able to make his turns. The time came for my class and my excitement and nerves just went straight to all nervous. Thank goodness my trainer was there to straighten me out and calm my nerves. I went in the class as confident as I could and performed at my very best! I came out and was happy with my jumping and hopeful that I had scored high enough to move onto the district level. Not only did I score high enough but I also received first place! I was so proud of not only my horse, but also myself for going in and forgetting about my nerves.

Looking back, I now realize this was my first and last year to show on that fairground for my 4-H County roundup because next year I will be too old to be in 4-H. It's amazing that I've been in 4-H since I was 8 and have shown every single year but it's sad knowing that this is my last year. I am going to miss being in 4-H and showing my horse but I will never forget what it has done for me. It has made me a better leader by being an officer, a better person by learning to give to others and help the needy, and a better rider because I learned to never give up and to always try my best. Sometimes change needs to happen in order to realize how far you have came in something and to be proud of it.
Liz McAndrew
PA State 4-H Council Vice President of Operations and Events

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