Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Friday, April 30, 2010

4-H is in full swing

Hello Pa 4-H! Hope you all are finding fun in our springtime weather and sports along with all the work that comes with getting livestock animals for fair and shows. One way I can always tell it's spring is when Pa 4-H holds the annual conference called Capital Days. This past Sunday, Monday and Tuesday around 60 members from across Pa joined together to learn more about our government and interact with our legislators. It was an amazing event and we had tons of fun! It took on a new feeling for me since this was the second time I was able to attend as a council member. I was more comfortable with things and this year I even was able to put my parli pro knowledge to work when I lead the green party in mock legislation.
At the event we also introduced our new service project in addition to the pop tabs. At state days this year we will be conducting a penny war where counties can bring in pennies to help out their regions and silver or bills to bring down other regions. Start collecting now to bring your region out on top!
In the next few months I look forward to promoting 4-H across my county and other local counties as 4-H comes into full swing with summer break! I can hardly believe that my interim council year is half over already!
Your State 4-H VPE,
Christy Lambert

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