Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

End of the School year!!

Oh the weather outside is Sunny!! Finals week is finally upon us, students are moving out of their dorms, and the clovers are blossoming. Today I am anticipating my last final, so I can finally say that Freshman year has been completed.

This evening I visited the Erie County Council Meeting and talked about what State 4-H Council does. They had questions about some of the times council meets and the events we plan and MC. I was also asked about Capital Days. That event just happened recently.
At Capital Days this year I was the Chair for the Majority Party, The Green Party. We practiced our Parli-Pro and debated three Bills currently in the House and the Senate. Our Mock Session got kind of heated when we brought both parties together to debate the bills. Both the White and the Green parties wanted their amendments to the Bills to pass.

During Capital Days our State Council got to meet with our different legislators and The Secretary Of Agriculture, Russell Redding. We talked about the 4-H program, our 4-H stories, Agricultural issues, and other topics of interest to our regions and counties across the state.

Also at Capital Days I met with many youth interested in applying to be On our State 4-H Council. The Application is online and ready to be filled out for those of you that are interested. Remmeber that you can apply at State Days too! We look forward to seeing you at State Days and many of the differnent events we attend. If you have any questions don not hesitate to contact myself or another council memeber. We would be more than happy to assist you. Enjoy the end of school.

Until next time,

Jamie Forinash
Vice President of Operations/Internal Affaires

P.S: Remember to start saving your pennies for our Penny Wars and the Soda Tabs for Check Out the Silver! You can never start to soon.

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