Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's Summer!

My summer started out with a crash, bang, boom! Well it literally did start with a crash. I wreck my car on the 12th. I am doing much better than I thought. I am slowly going back to work and seeing how much I can handle. I still get headaches but they say that it is normal. I am so thankful that my seat belt was on or people said I could of been dead. :(

Dispite being in a wreck I went to my county council meeting where I promoted both video contest and penny wars. One person seemed interest in the video contest and hopefully they will submit one. They are very excited to help with the penny wars service project and will be helping with it.

I have also submitted an article on Penny wars for the lycoming county news letter that was included in this months. This will help people understand the new service project and get more members to participate. There was also an article on the video contest. Members will have a better understanding of this contest and hopefully more videos will be submitted for State Days.

Council had a phone conference this month where we talked about State Days. It was great to be able to talk and figure out how we want the couple of days to look. We all had some great ideas and if we plan right most of them will be able to be implimented those days.

On June 5th Jeanette and I will be attending the Fox Chase day where we have planed to make soap with the children. This is the first time I will be attending and hope to have fun with the children.

As summer comes around and school lets out, good luck with project animals and also those project books! Fair is coming up and will be here around the corner!

until then,

Justine Bush
2010 Historian/Reporter

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