Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunshine and green clovers

Hey Pa 4-H!
This month has been crazy for me with just about everything! Over the past month I have been getting ready to graduate. As my senior class treasurer I have been having fun planning different events like prom, graduation and senior fun week. This month I also was able to travel to Wallops Island for part of my Advanced Biology class where I had a blast jumping into huge mud pits, fishing, and identifying animals on hikes. On the trip I was actually able to meet 4-Hers from Virginia. Its amazing how universal the 4-H clover is and how it can start a conversation anywhere! Our council had a conference call this month were we made some huge leaps on our opening ceremonies for State Days! We all hope that back in your home counties you are preparing videos to be part of our contest. We also hope that you begin to save up coins for our penny war! I had my first livestock show yesterday at the Bedford county fair grounds. It was a great time even with the hot sun and heat. 4-H members from all around did an AMAZING job and I enjoyed seeing you all!
Take care and congradulations to the Class of 2010!
Christy (VPE)

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