Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays to everyone here! I hope that your Thanksgiving was great and you had fun with all of your family members. We now know the Christmas is near because we finally have snow. So everyone get ready for some more holidays that are soon to come.

My Christmas is going to be extra special this year because I will spend it with two of my exchange siblings. My host sister from Brazil, Bruna, is coming to visit my family and I for three months, and will be arriving on December 19th. Also my exchange brother, Eray from Turkey, will be here too. My entire family is very excited for Christmas and New Years this year.

As many of you know 4-H National Congress was just held in Atlanta Georgia. I attended this conference and would recommend this to any 4-Her around the country. At National Congress we attended workshops, did community service, went on tours of Atlanta, and practiced leadership skills while meeting 4-Hers from 43 states and Puerto Rico. We also raised over $60,000 to build the second Clover House for the Habitat for Humanity organization. Some of the community service acts we took part in were cleaning parks, raking leaves, reading to underprivileged children, and helped the Books for Africa Program. We had several motivational speakers and all of them were simply amazing.

Happy holidays

Stephen McFall, Sentinel

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