Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter, Oh How I've missed Thee

As December begins, along with deer season, that seems to be the real start of the holiday season for my family and myself. Thanksgiving for us is just a meal together for a couple hours; but deer season? Now that is an entirely different story. For three weeks in a row we spend the majority of our mornings in each other's company sitting in our stands waiting for our four-legged bounty to wander within accurate range of our generation (generations in my youngest cousin's case) old rifles.

Another thing I look forward to in the upcoming weeks is my eighteenth birthday. One of the downsides to being a December baby is no matter what, your party is always weather dependent. On more than one occasion I've had to delay it a week or three. But thankfully my birthday is just barely far enough away (on the 12th) from Christmas that I'm not one of the unfortunate souls that receives only one gift that "counts for both."

Well that is about everything on my mind at the moment, may you all have a wonderful rest of the holiday season with your families and God Bless!
-Seth Jones

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