Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where did the months go?

Like most people I too commonly get caught in the rush, and speed of life and forget many times to stop and notice the little things. My freshman year in college has a remaining seven days of classes before finals. This year in college has been filled with memories, building friendships, taking chances, figuring how to fit everything into 24 hours, and lots of laughs. There have been challenges along the way, as expected with most occurrences throughout life. Mixed feelings are closely accompanied with the summer approaching very quickly. The feeling of accomplishment of my first year in college is incredible. Yet, the understanding of how fast this year went and how fast the future years will go is slightly unsettling.
Looking back on the past month the rewarding events in my life continued to expand. Being a delegate at 4-H National Conference was an opportunity that expanded the views on government and 4-H as a whole. Meeting 4-H members, volunteers, leaders, and educators from all over the nation builds networking systems and friendships that last a lifetime. As we walked though the hallways at the House of Representatives and the Senate creates a sense of importance and meaning.
My term is not over until I hand over that gavel and then even after handing over the title does not eliminate the passion, or the duty of representing an organization that means so much. As I get ready to travel to Harrisburg for 4-H Capital Days I know that this opportunity is once in a lifetime and sharing the passion of 4-H is an honor!
The next three months will be filled with experiences, opportunities, laughs, tears, smiles, and fun times. The months are decreasing quickly while the friendship and passion for the organization continually increases.

Logan Hall
2010-2011 PA State 4-H Council President

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