Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Monday, January 30, 2012

Farm Show Excitement

I haven’t been to Farm Show since I was around 10 years old.
So thanks to 4-H State Council I was able to go and see it. I went down
Thursday and stayed until after Opening Ceremonies on Saturday. On Friday the
council team worked on setting up the 4-H booth and got some more training in.
Personally, the team building workshop was great. Everyone on council got to
work on solving a maze, doing a memory game, and fitting through a worm hole! Throughout
the various activities we all learned to work as a team. We also became closer
and more comfortable around each other. In the maze game we had to work
together to remember what order the squares went and had to help each other figure
out what the next square was. Then in the memory game we had to find different
pairs of team traits, such as; honesty, communication, and dedication. After we
found the 22 pairs we had to pick out 5 traits we thought were the most
important. Luckily it was pretty easy to find 5 that we all agreed on. Then my
favorite exercise was the worm hole! We had some string that made a small
circle. Our objective was to get everyone through the hole without touching the
sides and everyone had to go through the circle a different way. We came up
with a couple of interesting ways. Everyone had fun while we completed this
Then Saturday the council team and I headed over to the Farm
Show complex to get ready to for Opening Ceremonies. This year 4-H was asked to
help emcee the event with FFA! This was quite an honor for 4-H state council
because we have never been asked to emcee at Farm Show before. So I got to
announce the ceremonies along with FFA’s state president.
After Saturday I went home to get ready for a week full of
beef brisket sandwich selling. I volunteered in the 4-H food booth for a couple
hours every day. Except for Monday, when I worked in the other 4-H stand. In
the other stand I taught kids about friction as they did an activity that was
set up by a robotics club in 4-H. Overall it was a great and successful week!
Thursday was even declared as 4-H Day!
I had a lot of fun working in the booths and doing other
things to help out at Farm Show. There was so much to see and I recommend that everyone
goes next year! I did so much that I didn’t even talk about yet. I could
probably right a whole essay on my week at Farm Show. So, I just highlighted a
couple of my favorite parts.

Hope everyone is staying safe,
Sarah Bassett, President

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