Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Favorite Parts of December

December is one of my favorite months. Not only because of all the Christmas spirit, but because of how everyone cares for one another. There are so many charity cases at their peak due to the holiday season. There are many soup kitchens where one can volunteer and help those less fortunate. Also there are many charities like The Christmas Tree where one can donate clothes, food, and toys for presents for families in tough situations. With the holidays approaching everyone feels more inclined to donate to others. I think it is great how everyone helps out. However, I wish that people would help more then just the holidays. Another great thing about December is the breaks that we get. It allows for more family time. I see more family in the month of December then any other month.
This year there was one more thing that added to the excitement of December. I knew that shortly after December was over that the council was heading off to the Farm Show. I spent a bit of the month preparing for Farm Show and State Leadership Conference. There has been quite a bit of scripts to read, schedules to figure out, and numerous other things. However, even with all the work, I am still excited for the next couple of weeks to come.
Hope everyone stays safe until next time,
Sarah Bassett. President.

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