Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Potato Judging

OK, OK I know some of you reading this are like, "What is potato Judging?" or "How in the world do you judge a potato?" Well with this blog I am gonna give you the entire rundown. Potato Judging is a competition that is held annually at the Pa state farm show. You never really see signs for it, you just have to ask to find it. Usually it is held upstairs in one of the meeting rooms in Mcreary hall.
Potato Judging is not a hard competition if you study the information. At the competition there are three different parts. One table is for timed judging, one is for defects, and one is for plate placing. When you are at the timed table, it is your goal to get through one hundred potatoes as fast as you can ,meanwhile , circling on your paper, which potatoes you think are grade A. That's not hard right? On the defect table, this is where the studying comes in, you have twenty potatoes with places circled on them, and you must decide out of forty defects which one it is. Such as, Rodent, grub or slug, and Rhizoctonia, just to name a few. The plate placing table is easiest table that is there. At this table you judge four plates of five potatoes. When you are judging these plates you look for uniformity, size, and if there are any defects. That's the competion part of it. This is a team event. After you win as a team you move onto honors. Which is an individual competition with all the same tables. In honors they up the competition by adding another plate placing table, a pick of a dozen table, and two guess the weight potatoes.

If you want more information on potato judging contact your extension agent, and if you have any questions you can message me on face book. thanks for reading.

Your Council Vice president and Sentinel,
Garrett Richardson

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