Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stronger Every Day

Every day brings new challenges, as I am sure everyone knows. The way we handle the challenges will make us either stronger or weaker. 4-H has handed me several challenges. One challenge I face is  keeping the Northumberland County Council running. This is a particularly hard task because in order for it to work we need dedication from almost all members. Unfortunately, we do not have that dedication. Therefore, I have to find ways to get people interested and willing to work with the council. I could decide that county council isn't worth the trouble, or I could continue to work at it. I have decided to keep on working on it. The longer I work at it the more I learn about how to work through problems, communicate with people, and working with other people. I also learn more about running meetings and planning events. Therefore, through my challenge with county council I have become a stronger person, learning to work through all sorts of problems.
So, next time you, or someone you know is having a challenge work through it. It is alright to ask for help too. Just know that by working through it you will become a stronger and better person.

Until next time,
Sarah Bassett, president

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