Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Friday, March 2, 2012

Piglets and calves

This past month was another busy one down here in my neck of the woods. My farm has had a busy month, from adding on to our farrowing, haveing litters of pigs, school, oh and of course working. I get the privlage not only to work on my farm with sheep, hogs, and donkeys but also to work at a local dairy farm. The cool part about my job is I have learned so much about dairy and the many aspects of that industry, but also some of the simplest things that everyone should know. I have learned enough at both farms to realize that i truely do want to work with livestock and farming the rest of my life!

At my place I have learned stuff such as how to artifically insemenate a sow or gilt, how to properly give shots, ear notch piglets,catch ewes and sows/gilts when their in heat, judge for proper quality in my livestock and also how to love what I am doing. The dairy farm however has taught me how to appreciate being able to grow up on a farm. I have only been working there for 3 monthes now and I'm already doing things that the other kids working there had to wait a lot longer to do. My boss has taken the time to show me how to artifically insemenate a cow, which is so much different then a pig, they've showen me how to give pills to calves and even how to properly feed a newborn calf. I have come to the conclusion tho had it not been for 4-H I probably would have wanted to quit this new job by now. 4-H has taught me to take every new opportunity given and make the best out of it. I mean heck I'm the only girl that works at the farm and yet i can show up some of the guys when it comes to driving some of the equipment, or getting a calf that won't drink to drink.

Hope to see alot of you at Capital Days here in April!

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