Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Honoring a beloved friend...

 On January 14, 2012, the 4-H horse community in my area lost a beloved leader, friend, and coach. Lucy Blakley, will always be remembered for her dedication and support not only to the 4-H program, but to the many 4-Hers and non 4-Hers that she has helped over the past several years. I have known Lucy for as long as I can remember. She helped me lay the foundation for all of my riding and horse handling skills. She helped me to find my first horse, Sweetie, and I know I would have never been able to succeed as much as I did, without the help of Lucy.  

In her memory, a committee of leaders from Clearfield and Jefferson counties teamed together to start the Lucy Blakley Memorial Scholarship. All monetary donations made will support the academic aspirations of a local Clearfield or Jefferson County 4-H Horse Club Member  who seeks to further their education beyond the High School Level. Recently, a friend of Lucy donated his newly foaled filly. The name of the filly, in memory of Lucy, was named Lucy and is a palomino. She was born on Friday April 13, 2012. I was asked by the owner to show Lucy in 4-H horse production this year. I feel very honored that they asked me to help train her and show her in 4-H. I've already been out to see her and started handling her and her mom. So far it has been an amazing experience to work with her and to have been given this opportunity.

4-H has given me so many opportunities, like this one, that I get to learn from and grow as a person to make myself better in the future. I have learned how to take on huge responsibly, how to be a gracious winner and even more gracious loser, hard work does pay off, and to always remember to have fun. Without 4-H, I would have never known how great of a person Lucy was and how 4-H has affected my life. 


Liz McAndrew
PA State 4-H Vice President of Operations and Events

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