Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Unique tastes at Fair

Everyone has a favorite food that they love to get when they attend a fair. My favorite is the chocolate milkshake. There is one activity that if someone participates in at the Troy Fair they need to have some unique tastes, or maybe just the stomach to hold the.... interesting foods the Bradford County Council provide. During 4-H day which is the Friday of the fair we hold several fun activities throughout the day to promote 4-H and get kids involved in the fun. Some of the other activities we hold are bale tossing, obstacle course, relay races, and scavenger hunts. The one I want to tell you a little more about is our Food Fear Factor activity.  

Picture the show Fear Factor, where they get the contestants to do all sorts of different things to see if they are able to get through it. Well our Fear Factor is a little less extreme. What we do with our contestants is make them eat gross sounding, smelling, or looking foods. County Council compiles a list of foods that we don't like. Then our 4-H educator and one County Council member makes a run for the food store to pick out the food. I went last year and we located things on the list such as horse radish, sardines, onions, which are foods that some people love to eat but my County Council found gross. The worst two items we got for this activity was Limburger Cheese and Pigs feet. YUCK! I give props to the ones that are able to stomach those two, I know I about loose mine when I just think about them. We get a few easier things too, such as spinach. So that the contestants can have a little bit of a break in between the rounds. I know I would probably loose on the very first round!

We set up a table and separate the foods by rounds, so however many people there are we set out plates for them.  We give them about 4 minutes to eat everything set on the plate. Whoever cannot finish looses the round and the rest move on. We keep going until there is only one person left that was able to eat whatever was put on the plate. We give them a prize at the end, which consists of a awesome 4-H item and a free milkshake so they get something worth their efforts. It is amazing to see the determination of the kids that participate in the different activities.

We will probably do the same again this year during our 4-H day, but we might decide to do something else completely. I am looking forward to see what other activities my county council will plan for the kids. 

Hope everyone has a great fair and good luck on anything you do during your fair!

Danielle Knapp

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