Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lehigh County Awards Banquet

On November 9th, I had the honor of being invited to speak during the Leihgh County 4-H Awards Banquet.  As part of the event I got the opportunity to be the keynote speaker in which I got to promote 4-H State Wide 4-H events. 

The exciting part of the event was the honor I received to meet so many new 4-Hers.  Before I spoke I got to sit down and speak with 4-H Leaders, Parents, and Youth.  Sitting there I learned about clubs I never heard about and projects that seemed unreal.  Lehigh County has a Veterinarian Club that I never would have guessed as a project. 

Once I got to speak I had tremendous fun promoting Camping, Capital Days, Achievement Days, Leadership Conference, and State Council. 

I was able to promote Camping seeing how it benefits four 4-H groups: Youth, Pre-Teens, Teens, and Parents.  4-H youth love camp because of its fun and interactive experience with nature.  Pre-teens love camp because they get to chill with cool teenagers and be away from embarrassing adults.  Teens learn valuable life skills such as working with youth that is difficult to come by if you don’t experience camping. Parents love 4-H camp because it is a place that is safe and secured filled with caring counselors and staff.

Capital Days has by far been my favorite event to talk about.  The experience of meeting with state legislatures is a significant experience for any 4-Her.  Also learning how to implement Parliamentary Procedure was a new experience for me. 

Achievement Days is one of my favorite events because I get to hear of all the different events that 4-Hers compete in which is their passion.  We get to compete and then watch 4-Hers talents and fashion revue.

Leadership Conference is the event to go to this year for one reason, Chocolate River.  That’s right we are celebrating Leadership by grabbing our golden tickets and setting off into the wonderful world of chocolate.  At SLC we learn the importance of being a leader and improve our leadership skills.

The final experienced I mentioned was State Council.  Being part of this amazing team is truly the better part of being on the State Council.  I have gotten to meet people that I never would have hoped to meet.  The best part on State Council is not your personal experience but the team experience. 

I hoped my message that I gave to my fellow 4-Hers from Lehigh County was truly appreciated and will inspire 4-hers to pursue 4-H outside of their county, on a state level.

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