Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Monday, December 31, 2012

Time For Family And Fun!

                During the holidays, people travel near and far just to see their families. It really shows how important family is to us, especially during special times of the year. This year, I’ve realized just how many crazy things we will do for our family.
                My brother’s church needed a Santa Claus for their Christmas party, because their normal Santa Claus wasn’t able to come. Apparently, I was the first one my brother though of to be Santa. I didn’t think I’d be a very convincing Santa, especially because half of the kids were related to me. Luckily, after a few pillows were stuffed into the outfit, no one recognized me. Later, my cousin told me that I needed to work on my Santa, because his son didn’t think I was the real one.
                When my sister came home on the 27th, and we got a ton of snow, we started right up with a family creation. Snowboating. We hook the snowboat to the tractor, a sled to the back of the boat, build a snow hill, and drive through the yard. We’ve also started using inflatable sleds behind the four wheeler, taking them over jumps. We’ve even tried rafts and pool toys, like the alligator. Sadly, he didn’t survive the jump.
                Maybe my family is just a little weird, but I still love them. Well, it’s time to go spend the rest of the day with my siblings and cousins! Happy New Year!

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