Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Graduation is now upon us finally. This is one event this year I have been anxiously awaiting.

This month of May has been filled with scorching temperatures, senior prom, a council conference call May 19th, Crawford County 4-H Fund for Youth Auction, a Crawford County 4-H Council Meeting, and meetings with the local 4-H clubs.

During a conference call May 19th we reviewed Capital Days and moved forward in continuing our planning for the opening ceremonies at State Days held this year in July. We talked about our workshops we ewill present on during the New Mexico Conference and also briefly what to bring. We also recieved direction about our June meeting. The June meeting is face to face on Penn State Campus. At this meeting we will contiue to plan State Leadership Confernence, decide on a speaker, work on the service project, and progress towards finalizing the State Days opening ceremonies.

The Crawford County Fund for Youth Action was a success. There was a ton of 4-H youth participation! Crawford County 4-H Council was the chair of the event. I had the opportunity to do some announcing . I announced the items and who donated it before the bidding began.

This month ended with my local 4-H club, Pathfinders, annual Spring Barn Dance and Swine Clinic. The dance was a Saturday Night with a square dance practice the Friday before it. We Square and Polka danced the night away. The community enjoyed the vocals of the live band while they came out to support our club. During this dance I had the opportunityto meet different people that traveled across the state to come to our dance. We chatted about the different opportunites 4-H provides to so many young people and how the 4-H program touched their lives.

After the dance ended we arrived back Sunday Morning to present a swine clinic worth quality assurance ethics training credits for first and second year members. At this clinic my club presented on fitting, showmanship, and how to write a buyer/thank you letter. There was a lot of participation. This brought the closing of my month.

remember to tune in for more updates and that State Days is coming up in July.

until next time,

Jamie Forinash
PA State 4-H Council President

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