Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hello everyone! I hope all of your Thanksgiving breaks were filled with great food, family, and laughter. I know mine was. Just after Thanksgiving I did not go Black Firday shopping like many of you may have, I did one a little better. I boarded a plane to The beautiful state of Georgia. I was in Atlanta for The National 4-H Congress from Friday to Tuesday. During that time I was one of many representing Pennsylvania. I know I speak on behalf of everyone that went when I say that we learned a lot about the 4-H in the different states and Puerto Rico that were represented. We participated in workshops such as speed meeti ng where we had a few minutes to meet different 4-H'ers, Teambuilding, and then a few unique workshops that were selected. My selected workshops were Bake Bread:Build Communities, one on how to travel more efficiently, And Irish Step Dancing. At Congress we also participated in a service project. I did my service at an elementary school. There I got to help a second grade class prepare for their Christmas Program. Wew made costumes and decorated them with glitter. The children were very excited to work with us and had questions for some of us about where we were from. We later concluded on Tuesday with our closing ceremonies and ultimately the plane ride home. At the Pittsburgh airport we said our goodbyes to our Western region delegates and decided that everyone should attend the State Leadership Conference.
At the State Leadership Conference we have workshops planned for Saturday, we offer the opportunity to meet 4-her's from across the state and we have a service project Check out the Silver. Remember to save your soda tabs for the project and sign up for the State Leadership Conference before the deadline! It's coming up fast so hurry.

please comment with any questions you may have, I hope to see everyone in January! =)

Have a Happy Holidays,

Jamie Forinash

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