Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Friday, July 30, 2010


July has flown by and as we approach August I only have a few days left in office. Last year I was asked to be on the 2010 interim council. It took me some time to think about it but I agreed to do council just once more. I had the chance to attend the State leadership conference in January where I was inducted back into council. As the year went on the team went from being team members to being best friends. We have our share of funny jokes and some will make me laugh to the day. I know as I close this term our council has become strong young women. We share moments of laughter, and have been shoulders to cry on when we needed to just talk about something.
This month I went to a council visit where I promoted state days and also penny wars. They have been collecting pennies and some silver change to bring to state days. I went to my county fair where I did a presentation on my experience on council and a little about council to help promote it to the kids. The adults that attended liked that I talked about my experiences that way it gave the kids an idea of what goes on while serving 4-H.
The council team got together to finish our plans with state days. It was a long but successful day as we accomplished a lot! As the finishing touches will be added when we get to state college next week but we got a lot of the major details done. The Green Gala as the theme is a great way to show off talent and with the launch of the video contest. Members that submitted videos are in the chance to win $100 to $150 for their county! How exciting is it to win money to help your county! I would be excited! Open calls for state council applications are also being taken at state days. This is new this year as members can apply at state days to be on council.
I have finished the scrapbook and hope that as it gets passed to the advisor it can show other councils what we have done in 2010. We have been able to meet some amazing people over the year and the scrapbook can help show what we have done as a council.
As my time in council comes to an end, I wish the new council lots of luck as you start your journey as a 4-H state council member. You will represent an amazing program that helps the children. Where that green jacket with pride and promote the 4-H program around the state. Don’t judge your fellow council members before you get to know them. Work as a team and become friends. You never know you could end up becoming best friends by the end of the term. Just remember….. You are the face of 4-H. Serve them proud!
As I hang up my jacket for the last time, I hope the new council wears there’s with pride! I wish my fellow council members the best of luck on their journey’s, where ever life will take them!

Justine Bush
Historian/news reporter

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