Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

As Old Journeys End…New Ones Are Waiting To Begin

The high school years have came to an end for me and the fears of closure to 4-H came with graduation. I still had another year but with being hours away at college I knew I was going to have to take my name off several activities I help with in our county. Then I took the challenge! Starting college was not a big enough thrill for me, with my last year being in 4-H I wanted to take it to the limit. I ran for Pa 4-H State Council, a challenge...yes, a thrill....yes, questioning thoughts...of course. I knew I wanted to be on council, every year always returning to SLC I would talk to the council members and they would always say you should run for council, normally forgetting about it until the next event or missing the deadline or fearing to accept the task itself was always those barriers for me. But this year I knew if the steps weren't taken the regret of the unknown would be with me far past my 4-H years. In August I took stepping outside the comfort zone to a new level, speaking in front of 800 of my peers, leaders, and educators was the task that awaited. Was I nervous, no....I mean not until my name was called to give my speech. I did my best, I gave my presentation, I gave it my all in the interview and I think it paid off. My name is Logan Hall and I am YOUR 2010 - 2011 Pa 4-H State Council President. My term got on its way, along with other council members we helped at Ag Progress Days, attended and bonded at training weekend, (Sorry Mya the girls are gone and yea I guess you can say bromance at its best plus two girls haha ), and the Keystone Tailgate at PSU are just the very beginning activities I have taken part in. It is all starting to take full swing now, college, state council, family, friends. Post it notes, well they may have became my best friend. I cant wait to represent PA 4-H for the next year and get to know the other council members better as well as the entire 4-H Community. Oh and yea State Council benefits already took place too...PSU Game WE ARE PENN STATE. Getting to experience a person's first PSU Football game is priceless and unforgettable. Thanks Rebecca it was well worth rockin out the brown dress shoes and tan pants for it. Well PA 4-H I can't wait to represent each and everyone of you with the rest of council at all the state and local events. Let the journey begin 2010 - 2011 council!

Pa 4-H State Council President,
Logan Hall

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