Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The fun just keeps on going

Wow where to start with this past month. This month was just as busy as September. At the begining of the month my family and I attended the Keystone International Livestock Expo/ NJSA Eastern Regional pig show. I took two of my favorite Duroc gilts up. At this show youth could participate in many different contests, there was a cornhole tournament, showmanship, skillathon and of course the pig show it's self. The weekend was a blast between showing these two for the last time, and seeing fellow sheep exhibitors that I have shown with my whole life and don't get to see to often. The worst part is, I think i spent more of my time in the sheep barn than in the pig barn.
Then soccer season came to an end two weeks ago, but we were defenitly busy the whole month with games and practice. The last game of our season I ended up missing unfortunately, but I'm so glad I didbecause it was worth it. I attended the National FFA Convention out in Indianapolis, Indiana and loved it. It was amazing, especially getting to see all the cordoury jackets walking the streets of Indianapolis!
November is going to be just as much fun, I can already tell. We get to have our actual face-to-face meeting, plus National 4-H Congress!! Not to mention more planning for what is going to be an AWESOME State Leadership Confrence. The officers are already going Wild about it! We're defenitly hopeing to see you there!

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