Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The new year

Another year over, a new one just begins. So this year I took the leap of jumping into the biggest role I have ever had in my life. By becoming an officer on State Council. This has been challenging at times so far, but I have enjoyed it thus far and am hoping that won't change when we really start getting into our events. We have Farm Show fast approaching and if any of you that are reading this you should come see us at the opening ceremonies! The whole team will be helping out in different booths throughout the complex, or be showing their market animals. Those of you that show animals or projects at the fair I wish you good luck! I hope everyone enjoys the Farm show. Farm show won't be the same for me this year because I will not be competing down at the Farm show for Square dancing. The last few year's my county has gone down to compete in the competition, but this year my county was unable to find enough people that were interested in competing so we aren't going down. This year I will be attending Farm show with my State Council team instead, which will be just as fun I'm sure.

State Leadership Conference is Wild for Leadership and it is on its way here! I hope that those of you that will be attending the event is just as excited for it as I am. The team has been working hard preparing for this event the passed few months. Everyone will create so many memorable moments throughout the weekend by making new friends and gaining leadership skills. There will also be great inspirational speakers there to get you thinking and maybe get you inspired to do something different. Throughout the weekend hopefully you will learn something that you will want to bring back to your county and show to your own clubs. There is so much that you can do with what you will get from the weekend. This weekend adventure is around the corner, and soon will be here. It will be a blast and I hope to see you all there!

For now it is time to celebrate the coming year. I hope that some of you when you are planning your new year's resolution that you will try to include something for 4-H as well, even if it is something very simple. For example trying a new project, or going to one of the state events(which I encourage you to do!) or going for an officer position for your club. Whatever you may decide to do it will be worth your efforts, you will learn something new from the experience. Just try to stick with it, even when it seems a little rough, it will get better and I hope that when you look back at it in the future that you will be glad you tried it. Enjoy the holiday!

Happy New Year everyone!
Danielle Knapp

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