Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Horsing around

Trail riding is one of my favorite things to do and my horse Ryelee enjoys going on them just as much as I do. I have looked forward to having a horse that I can trust to go out on a trail ride with since I was young. When I was little I never really had a horse that I trusted, because none of them were trained well enough and would spook but the MAJOR issue was that I didn’t know how to do anything back then because I was young and inexperienced. With the help of 4-H I have had so many amazing opportunities to be able to take my young mare to events such as shows and clinics and train with her there. To get her used to new surroundings and letting her know that it is okay to leave her friends behind at home, because she would be able to return to them later. My older sister Kim has also been a HUGE help in teaching me how to do so many things with my horse. Without her my horse and I wouldn’t know how to do half of the things we do.

My sister has gone through 4-H as a horse member and she encouraged me to be a part in it as well. The first year I took Ryelee to the 4-H show we did awful.. She was scared from being in a new environment and didn’t know what I wanted her to do, so we did poorly because she never finished a pattern. The reason for that was she stood completely still inside the show ring not knowing what to expect from it. We improved by the next year and she was a lot calmer about being at the show than the first year. From all the work we did together we were able to finish the Contest and Showmanship patterns!  That was last year, this year I have worked more with her and we are continuously improving with each day. I have already taken her to a few shows and clinics to get her ready for the show at the end of the year. The last show I went to with her we placed 3rd in Grooming and Showmanship and Trail! She has come a long way and I am excited to see how this year goes for us. It is my last year in 4-H and I plan to make it count as best we can, but always make sure to have a great time doing it. I have been working hard with Ryelee on Showmanship and Trail because those two classes we enjoy the most. I hope to place in the top 6 at my county Roundup in these two classes. The progress is great and hopefully this year I will be going to Districts to compete towards going to States! That is my goal this year, I want to make it to Districts with Ryelee. 

I am grateful for my sister and her continuous support to make this year possible for me. For the resources that 4-H has provided for me to help me improve on my horsemanship skills. I am excited to see how the year turns out for Ryelee and me. I hope that everyone else has a great year and I wish all 4-Her's GOOD LUCK on all the shows that you are competing in, whether they will be your last or your first. Just remember to always strive to improve on what you have done. Just like the 4-H motto goes "To make the best, better!" 

Danielle Knapp 

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