Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 25, 2012

...the day I will never forget! I finally graduated high school! I ended the first step of a very long road and I can't wait to start the journey to college. This has been a very exciting month! Not only did I graduate with honors but I also was ranked 8th out of the 94 other students in my class! I was also honored with several scholarships and an amazing graduation present from my mother.

What was this graduation present?? Well....we took a four day trip to CANADA! This was only my fourth time going but we did some pretty spectacular things! Of course our first stop was in Niagara, where we had an amazing view of the horseshoe falls right outside our hotel window! We also had some fun at the Bird Kingdom where we walked around three levels of a huge building filled with different types of birds! It was amazing seeing all the different colors and species of birds all in one area! After Niagara, we traveled even more north into the beautiful city of Toronto. I haven't been to many large cities but this was definitely one that I will always remember! It was bursting with different cultures and liveliness. I really hope I get a chance to go back there sometime and just browse around. While in Toronto, we went to a Medieval Times dinner and tournament. It was so cool to watch knights on horses joust and do events that they used to do along time ago. We also had a four course meal that we had to eat with our hands. It was a little messy but totally worth it! That night was my big surprise! My mom got us tickets to the play War Horse! It was so exciting because it was my first play and I was in a different country! The play was so amazing! I don't even have good enough words to explain how amazed I was at it! This was the best graduation present I could have asked for. Thank you so much mom!

Coming up, the State Council is heading to KENTUCKY and I can't wait to start the bonding time!

Liz McAndrew
PA State 4-H Vice President of Operations and Events

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