Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Monday, March 11, 2013

So let the play begin!

So much starting up this month!  Along with the State Capital Days just getting over, spring soccer will start soon, play practice, swine raising, horse breaking, and marching band will begin!  It's almost like summer is just racing to get up on us, as if spring isn't coming fast enough.
Very soon, we will get to perform our play "East of the Sun" in my 4-H Theatre Arts club in cooperation with another program to which I got a part to and can't wait to meet the cast I'll be working so closely with this month, all of which I've heard are great people!  My smaller group in the cast is hoping to make this a really fun experience for all of us, and the rest of the members, and hope to keep in touch after the play's over.
Indoor soccer is beginning to come to an end with spring soccer just around the corner as well as swine raising and getting to work with my horse now that the snow is melting, which is great now that my new friend is interested in learning to ride!  Nothing better than getting to ride with people you love being around!
Along with the upcoming spring and summer, so are the SATs and ACTs and checking out colleges for when I graduate next year.  So many to choose from!
Now that the songs for this year's Marching Band Show, we can start practicing the songs, then marching practice!  This show will be a great way to kick off the end of my marching band experiencing after going to Disney next year and performing in a great parade!  The closer Marching Season comes in, the closer Varsity Soccer gets.  Yet another wonderful team I get to be a part of and work with!  I can see a great season ahead for all!

Quickly coming up, the County 4-H Kickoff!  Ours will be held during Earth Day, so Earth Day related activities with my county council and other members of 4-H clubs to help teach about and promote the 4-H program at a very fun and educational day with many events such as animal track making, GPS, and hiking trails!  Also coming up in a few months, 4-H camp!  I may miss the older councilors I've worked with in the past, but the experience I can help the younger councilors with will be amazing for the councilors, staff, and even better, the campers!

The Play's the Thing, no matter all you work around and all the work put into it.
"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players" -Shakespeare

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