Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Friday, March 1, 2013

It is Feburary Already!


I can't believe that it is Feburary already!  This new year has been going by so fast.  Just a while my fellow 4-Hers were at State Leadership Conference learning how to go from being the best Leaders to better Leaders than before.  I remember all the hard work we put into it and to see it a success.  I remember the long nights working with John Hess Jr. preparing the video which showed in the begining of the event.

After that I been very busy with my school musical.  This years selection is ... Into The Woods!  A wonderful musical where you take five different musicals and throw them into the same woods and whatch the chaos that occurs in one woods.  The music is very interesting to play except it is always in the wrong key.  I can not wait for the musical which will be in the next couple of weeks.

I also have been hard at work in my own club planning our next fundraiser.  Working with younger youth is my specialty and I have learned that the best way to motivate younger 4-Hers is to challenge them and whatch their skills improve.  I can not wait to whatch them all grow up as the next generation of great 4-Hers. 

Finally, I have been hard at work preparing as a camp counselor.  This has included workshops, presenatations, and what I hope comes soon, the training day.  I can't wait to work with new counselors and help them adjust to the difficult role as a camp counselor. 

After all that hard work as a 4-Her I also had to make time to work on essays for english, bio labs, and chapter outlines.  Being a student and a State Officer can be difficult at times but I soon learned the importance of time managment.  I have begun living on a schedule. 

In a couple of days, State Capital Days begins and I can not wait for the only state 4-H event not in Penn State University Park.  I can not wait to be at my first 4-H event as a State Officer.

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