Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Joy's of Farming

One thing that I love about living on a farm is that you never know whats going to happen next.  Even though there might be a plain in place the animals or the equipment might make a change, or some chances, within the plains.  It can be something as simple as cows getting out, or fence down; to as complicated as a water line brake, or a piece of machinery malfunctioning and backing up work that needs to be done.

Just the other day I was just sitting in my house and I got a phone call telling me that we had cows out. I got my barn clothes and went out the door.  After I got the cows back into the pasture, I started to put up the fence that was knocked down to find out when I was finish, that the cow would just step over the fence.  At that point my grandfather looked at me and said "well that's not going to work". Within ten minutes we were able to get the fence in a working order.  Once that job was done we went to the normal scheduled and fed the animals.  Later that day when the sun was down, my grandfather called saying that the cows were out once again, this was not on my scheduled for that night.  When I got to the farm I noticed that the cow were able to get out at a different part of the pasture.  This time took a little longer to get the cows back in.  Once again my grandfather and I were able to get the fence working with out to much trouble.  When we were just standing around and talking one of the cows were acting very odd.  Grandpa figured she was missing her calf and then he and I went on a calf hunt.  We look everywhere, in the barn upstairs and downstairs, the machinery shed, and the out side of the fence.  During my hunt  in the barn i was startled by a opossum, and that's when I declared that the barn is scarier at night.  When I was walking along the fence Grandpa got to thinking and called me over.  He told me where he thought the calf might be.  Sure enough when we went to go look the calf was there.  She was in our grain shoot, where we store the feed for the cows.  We got her out with a little trouble.  She was not harmed, and soon after she was reunited with her mom.

Although farming may not run as smoothly as I want it to, I still love to do it.  It the unsuspected happening that make it interesting and fun to do.

VP of Internal Affairs & Sentinel
John Hess Jr

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