Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Putting Our Hands To Larger Service

                4-Hers everywhere know the 4-H pledge by heart. It’s an important thing to know, but it’s even more important to live by. The pledge tells us to do four things, pledge our heads to clearer thinking, our hearts to greater loyalty, our hands to larger service, and our health to better living.

                They’re all good things to do, but one in particular part has been on my mind recently. My county’s Teen Council club is putting their hands to larger service by participating in the local Relay for Life in a few weeks. This Relay for Life is an event that raises money and awareness about cancer and save lives of people who are affected by it.

                I am personally excited to be a part of this, as it is a cause that is important to me. One of the most influential people in my life passed away almost two years ago from cancer. My grandfather was always my biggest role model. He was the most kind hearted, hardworking, and entertaining person I have ever met. No matter where he went, someone knew him, or he would find someone new to talk to. Watching his struggle is part of the reason that I decided to pursue a career in pharmaceutical research. One day, I would like to be a part of developing or improving some type of medication that will help ease the suffering of cancer patients. 
              Recently, I have had another person who is close to me diagnosed with cancer, my aunt Karen. Luckily, she has done well through her treatment, and things are starting to look better for her.
                My inspiration for putting my hands to larger service may be different than yours.  However,   we should all find a cause that is important to us and support it to the best of our ability. There are so many different causes that could use the service of hardworking 4-H members. No matter what our motivation is, we are all working toward a common goal; to make the best better!

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