Your 2014 State Council

Your 2014 State Council

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Somos Los PP's

Hello Everyone!

So back in January, I wrote about how crazy of a month it seemed to be.  Well, I had no idea that April would be even crazier!  In April, I came down with a bad case of “Green Fever”!  Now don’t you fret, and don’t you worry, “Green Fever” is a GOOD thing!  From the 2013 National 4-H Conference, to the Northwest Pennsylvania 4-H Teen Leadership Retreat & Camp Counselor Training, to Cambria County Officer Training, to Delaware Valley College’s A Days, my April was packed full of 4-H. 
Souvenirs from the
2013 National 4-H Conference

 Out of all of the events I attended in April, I cannot stress how powerful my experience was at the 2013 National 4-H Conference.  So what’s with my title “Somos Los PP’s”?  Well, in Spanish, it is translated to “We are the PP’s”.  Still confused?  Have no worries, I’ll explain what this is all about.

At the 2013 National 4-H Conference, two completely different delegations united together to become a family and share an indescribable bond.  The two groups joined forces for an unforgettable experience and time at the 2013 National 4-H Conference.  The delegation from Puerto Rico and the delegation from Pennsylvania teamed up throughout the entire week.  Sharing laughs, memories, and enjoying each other’s company, there wasn’t a dry eye whenever the two delegations parted ways at the end of the week.

PA Delegation Being Crazy!
Since it was the unification of Puerto Rico and Pennsylvania, the joke between the delegations was that we were “The PP’s”!  Although we are separated by miles and miles, the family-like bond we formed at the 2013 National 4-H Conference will be unchanged.  I know that we will reunite once again.  Until we do so, the phone calls, the video chats, and texts will keep us in contact with one another.  There was definitely something special that happened at the 2013 National 4-H Conference that bought Pennsylvania and Puerto Rico together.
Pennsylvania & Puerto Rico!

With that being said, go out and make the most of your 4-H experience.  Apply for the 2014 National 4-H Conference!  Don’t be afraid to dive right into all that 4-H has to offer.  You’ll make memories that will last a lifetime and friendships that don’t fade with time.  So don’t be afraid to get “Green Fever” and let your passion for 4-H show!

Until later,

Cassidy Baker
2012/2013 PA 4-H State Council President

"Though miles may lie between us,
we are never far apart,
for friendship doesn't count miles,
it's measured by the heart"

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